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You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our Have been making a trial payment for 4 months.

Will this keep them from approving my modification? I was not denied a permanent modification, but I do not want to lose my home. We are still in financial hardship so it will not be easy to make the regular payment again. Am looking for a good Lawyer in CA if anybody nows one I will appreciated the feed back thanks good luck to all of you... I called Chase and they said, again, just keep making the trial payments, they are trying to get through them. They must have a mandate to get these permanent modifications done. I made 7 trial payments only to be denied, and then to be told that I am 3 months late even though I did not miss any payments even before I started. But do your research thoroughly things are changing daily. Will this keep them from cash advance jackson mi approving my modification? I was not denied a permanent modification, but I do not want to lose my home. We are still in financial hardship so it will not be easy to make the regular payment again. Donna sadly no one really knows the answer to your questions. I found a lawyer team who has already started class-actions against Chase in several states, and now they are taking all my notes and data to file a class action in Virginia. I have had a conference call with them, and they are very responsive to all my emails and questions. No retainer fee required, and no fees if they fail to win the lawsuite. Post your personal email in your reply to this, and I will send you an email with all their contact info. It is disgraceful how they are treating homeowners..... I sure hope this class-action suite draws alot of public attention, and we win. Now the 6th is due, but I am fed-up with their lies and tricks..... I called Chase after making my 4th trial payment, and twice the reps told me that I did not need to make any more trial payments since the Perm Mod was in process. A week later I get a letter saying I was rejected for the Perm Mod since I failed to supply necessary documents , which is a lie-----I have always responded immediately to any repeat docs or new docs these idiots want.

They then requested fresh docs all over again, and I am waiting for what their next excuse will be to reject my perm mod. In the meantime, I found a legal team who will file a class action against Chase. They are waiting for me to prepare a complete package with all notes, and will file the suite very soon......

Let me know if you want their name and contact numbers (reply to this with your email would be fine).

Anyone making more than 3, maybe 4 trial payments has already been denied a HAMP mod, and is probably in review for an inhouse mod. Ther problem is that even the reps do not understand the system.

A HAMP trial is only suppose to last either 3 months, or maybe 4 if you were current on your loan payments when you started the trial. And the HAMP trial payments do not change the amount due under your mtg contract(note). So each of the reduced trial payments means you are not paying the full amount owed under the contract(a shortage). It is not an agreement to change the amount you OWE during that time. If you do get the modification, the past due from the trial that you owe under the original contractwill be added to your loan balance. If you do not get the mod, the trial agreement is over, and the amount you should have paid becomes due.

Only the permanent modification changes the terms of your mortgage and changes the amount due monthly. The trial DOES NOT change your original mtg contract. Under HAMP, during the trial, the servicer agrees not to foreclose, faxless payday loans direct lenders but the shortage from need loan the trial does add up. But the HAMP trial only lasts three, maybe 4 months. After the 3-4 months, you owe the difference, and if you get a permanent mod, that amount gets added to your laon, so is paid. If you do not get a mod, and continue making reduced payments, the amount of your shortage keeps growing, and the agreement to not foreclose ended when the HAMP trial ended after the first 3-4 months. Eventually, the shortage grows to an amount equal to one payment, then two, and then an amount equal to 3 months payments. And the way banks are required to apply payments to the oldest overdue amount first, means that if you owe three months worth of payments, you are now 3 months behind even if the bank accepted all your reduced payments. Your 3-4 month HAMP trial would have ended months ago, so there is no longer any agreement by the bank to not foreclose. And if you are equal to 3 months late with your payments, the bank is required to foreclose. In fact, even freddie mac and fannie mae are pushing their servicers to closely follow the correct foreclosure time line, or face penalties. Now the bank is required by RESPA to hold that amount because it is not a full payment. Since that is not enough for a full payment, they are again required to hold it.

The more your trial payment is reduced from need loan your original payment, the faster this goes. You CAN start making regular payments again, and I recommend this if it is possible at all, just to protect your self. If you are pepared to risk your home, you can keep making trial payments until they foreclose or modify, if they modify. Or you can save the difference between what you should have paid, and what you did pay, plus late fees, so you can stop the foreclosure if necessary.

And you must take control, and call HAMP if your trial lasts over 3 months, or 4 if you started with a 4 month trial. And since most of the denials are bogus, the sooner you take agressive action after the official 3-4 month trial, the better off you will be long term. Until you get a final mod, you owe the difference, and that will all be added to your loan and you will be paying interest on it for the life of the loan. In fact, the trial should not even be called a temporary mod because it does not modify the contract, it only modifies what they will accept for a few months without calling you every day. The comments by me need loan and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Most of the information you find here is easily available on payday loans no teletrack the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our menace,okay so it looks like they used my unapplied funds how they saw fit.

I need loan could not understand why my perm mod said my mortgage payment including escrow was 2272. I received a letter and it said my escrow was short now and they were going to make my mortgage payment 2304. My escrow has never been short before until I started the trial payments. This is the first time since this modification trial period farce started that I finally understand what is going on with my payments.

Similar to your example below, as of this month, I am technically behind 3 mos- even though I have never missed a payment. It would be kinder if they would just put a bullet in my head, but B of A is not about being kind. I have, again, been assigned another negotiator by the OOP (my negotiators keep disappearing, just as I allegedly get close to final approval of my In-house mod, they fall of the face of the earth. He told me that most of what I have been told the last 18 months is untrue- although he is really about it. My last negotiator told me to keep making my trial payments, no matter what, and because HAMP was taking so long, (told me it could be another 10 months for a decision), she was going to try an in-house mod for me instead. Of course, none of need loan this is in writing- and she suddenly, as of last Monday, does not work there anymore. He also said that he was going to suspend, cancel, pull the plug on my in-house modification unless I immediately send him a letter saying that I wish to opt out of HAMP. It has been a constant string of misinformation and lies... I was under the impression that I was going to have my permanent In-house mod two weeks ago...

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When you call press option 2 NOT option three like it says for homeowners. Tell them that you are getting foreclosed on, just so they will listen. Then explain that you just learned you were denied in April for HAMP for a bogus reason, and the bank is threatening you. Tell them you sent payday loan no faxing every bit of paperwork they requested, and never got the required denial notice that gives you 30 days to supply whatever document is missing. This is the hard part- the people at that number are level or stage 2. They may help you right away, but they may have to refer you to another number to file your initial complaint with stage one or level one(HOPE). If they tell you to call the other number, do it, and tell those people the problem, then you will need to give them a week or so to see what they can do. But when I called HOPE, nothing was accomplished for months.

Then I learned about this contact number, and got the servicers error corrected in about 3 weeks.

HAMP requires the notice, and time to resubmit missing info. Your time frame of being denied in April confirms my claim. You should maybe make one more payment, but once you get through to HAMP, and get your file reopened, I think you will have an offer within days if you do qualify. Once you get HAMP compliance involved, and the bank knows it, the bank will probably act like they should cash loans in az because they do not want HAMP auditing them. It costs the bank time and money to deal with an audit, and they get no reimbursement from HAMP for that time. Also, the HAMP process is so simple, that they can have a decision in days. It is only the inhouse mods that unsecured personal loans instant decision take so long because the banks seem to go through a complete loan approval process, plus they want to see how much they can make you pay before legit payday loan companies ohio loan payday loans cheyenne wy they have to decide to either foreclose or modify. The docs you sent in with your original app are suppose to be enough. Maybe telling HAMP that the bank is pressuring you to opt out of HAMP will allow them to start right in on your case without referring it back to HOPE. If you do have missing docs, they bad credit loans maryland can tell you what to provide. I do recall someone getting the people at HOPE to make the 3 way call and have the bank admit they had the missing docs, but I trust the people at HAMP to be better informed.