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Keep us in your prayers and know that God never gives you more than you can handle, and online payday loans illinois that ultimately, I place our lives in his control...

If so It would be funny local personal loans to see what they easy loans to get would have made if they would have just done that back in October? I picked up one day (they never leave messages) and it was a recording telling me to hold for a representative. The second sent me a letter a few weeks ago telling me to contact them.

The first finally sent me a letter last week telling me to contact them. The most interesting thing is I received a letter from Triad Guaranty Insurance, they insure my first (I do not pay PMI). They want me to contact them to research my options. Hopefully the first Mortgage Insurance people offer practical and positive options in order to get you on track again.

You would think that the default insurance company would actively work to sell off your loan to a lender who could write the loan to affordable conditions. Realistically I believe they will not suggest loan modification.

It was a transfer early in the default and during BK chapter 13. Struggling to manage mortgage plus other household expenses... Could H4H help me or will my lender say no to them too? I even thought of finding someone to buy my house and then rent it back to me. Never in my carrier have I felt more gratified than when I call a person that is losing their home to tell them about H4H and save them from despair. Well, at the time that the H4H program started I was working with bank that made it their first priority to become the leading competitor with this particular loan program.

Actually what helped us the most was the fact that some lenders of the home in trouble approached our bank to take over these troubled loans.

When the program first came out it was a free for all. Imagine, we were calling borrowers with upside down mortgages, to tell them that we were working with their current lender to relieve them from their current mortgage situation.

I know I am jaded, so take this all with a grain of salt. I think what your company was doing was a short refi (under the H4H terms) which makes a lot of sense personal loan fast approval to me, but the majority of banks are not joining in. If you truly helped 30 people that is awesome, I am not trying to put that down, I am just trying to figure out the reality of H4H success? Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away personal loan cosigner legally from their underwater mortgages.

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I would tell you, but am afraid to ruin the kharma...

I will tell you the final part of this story after we close and record... Never take no for an answer, never give up, never let them see you sweat.

Now, get back at it, and post something we can use. H4H DOES allow for principal reductions, but in the form of a short refi. Lets get something straight, there is a huge difference between a principle reduction, and a short refi. Knowing that difference will save you a lot of time and grief and misery. The Obama plan is for the most part still guidelines for payday loans no guarantor the banks.

The incentive to them to play ball is stimulus money. But not all banks money loan fast need the money, thus, not all banks care anything about any of what Obama has to say. There is no proverbial carrot for them to get them to play ball.

Those of you with loans to these banks, may encounter a wall of epic proportions when trying to get anything done. And, is it possible for Obama to say take a principle reduction or else? And is it possible for a bank to tell him to pound sand?

Until he makes it law, no one is listening, and I mean no one.

What is the difference between a reduction and a short refi? Maybe different as far as forcing you out of non recourse terms, that could be a big deal?

I know there is a drastic difference between those and modifications. So reduce principal and take a loss, or forclose and make a claim? Gary, a principle reduction is (in my own experience) usually associated with a modification, it is a voluntary thing from the bank. With a short refi, you are refinancing the loan for less than the original amount. I think the reason they are playing ball with the H4H program is that the loans are toxic loans. If the loan does not work out, the only step left for the lender is foreclosure, the only relief for the HO is bankruptcy. I have been told this is a much better deal for the banks, saves them a lot of money not having to go through the Foreclosure process. I have explained the crap list of supposed Lenders from FHA on their website and they have promised to contact HUD and with their supposed (very good contacts ) are going to send me a legit lender to contact on Monday.

They have also offered to open a case to contact HSBC on my behalf.

I Also met this week with Modification and Bankruptcy attorneys this week.

I would rather be in a house with bad credit than in a motel six room with great credit. I totally hear you, but have told SPS they will never, ever see the inside of this house, ever.

To my knowledge, they are the ONLY lender so far to actually close a loan with H4H.

Hold off on the 400 also, I your credit score know how long LA is taking, trust me. But they are swamped, and we are measuring our progress by the inch with them over here, trust me. But it does seem to get done, somehow, someway.......

I took a 4K reduction in salary making the regular mortgage payment not possible...

What you explained was my understanding of the loan differences. The principal reduction is like a modification because it is done in house, the same lender keeps your loan, just reduces principal.

The short refi is a new lender offering to to payoff the old loan (at the reduced amount) and take the risk of the new loan. I still think many lenders are not doing reductions because they have insurance on the loan that covers the loss if they have to forclose. I also think that one loan is more beneficial to the lender than the other. They have no interest in principal reduction as they then have to realize the loss.. I asked about short sales, they said that could be an option. They did tell me everything short of telling me directly to stop paying my second. I asked about the mortgage insurance, they referred to it as back end mortgage insurance. I told them it seemed like ch 13 bankrupcy might be a better option for me, letting the judge reduce the principal! Spoke with HUD today, was told there are rumblings of a H4H redo. Of all the transactions I have ever done, this is the most frustrating, the hardest, most completely mindless, dumbest process I have ever encountered. This is a company that you can literally measure their progress on this loan by the inch every day. For those of you who have thought about doing this, I will tell you right now, it takes a LONG time, more patience than you ever thought you had, and more tenacity and will and drive than you will ever know is inside you.

If they ask a question, answer it, over and over and over. This is the best advice I can give anyone on here, never, ever give up, never stop, always push them, let them get mad, who cares? Tell them over and over to get it done, call them every single day for an update, never let them forget your name, stay on them, push push push. We are in final underwriting, I am hoping to get the commitment sometime this week, and I can tell you all, it has been hell doing it... Also a new change to the H4H program in section 202 of PL 111-22 applies to the program. I have no idea but do realize there is a lot of changes to the program and very few loans issued yet through H4H. Talk about of local personal loans worthless and ineffective and awash laws, Congress is full of ineffective and worthless legislation regarding correcting our economy and local personal loans helping homeowners stay in their homes.

And what new updates may or may not be coming up soon?? Basically the pdf for the legislation for PL 111-22 refers to section 202 with a statement - Sec. Mortgages, allow bankruptcy judges to modify terms which is nowhere to be found in the bill which eventually became retitled At least I am now highly exposed to what bureaucracy is. We can safely challenge politicians to align in a circle and wait for any of them to accomplish anything successful. If we placed money on nothing ever being accomplished, the odds would be in the trillions to one and none of us would have housing problems if we wagered against DC doing anything except ruining the economy, allowing more people to lose their homes, removing jobs for Americans local personal loans to do related to production, letting our auto industry go belly up and banks slushing on future earnings, if any from our future Americans with debt financing. When PL 111-22 gets published, there may be something in the legislation related to H4H or maybe the title for section 202 can be removed so as not to confuse people who try to make sense of the public laws created.

Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. We purchased a home at the height of the market in 2006. We have been looking around and in our area you can purchase a house similar to ours for much much less. Does anyone know what the criteria trimark funds is for purchasing a new home if you still have a current home? There is no way we would be able to sell our current home as we owe so much on it. Houses that sold for 500k originally have now been foreclosed on and sold for less than 300k.

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