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File a complaint with the OCC - payday loans for bad credit no fees it helps here to study foreclosure procedure to determine mistakes they might have made. In my case as an example while my loan was originated before 2003, I was invited as a Countrywide borrower loan rates to apply for modification, then without even determining my eligibility they initiated foreclosure a direct violation of the Stipulated Judgment.

Research county records to find fraudulent documents, cash now backdated assignments, research your signers to see if they are known robosigners. Send a QWR asking for the results of the audit Bofa was required to perform loans online instant approval no credit check on your loan according to the OCC Consent Decree. Send a validation of debt letter demanding proof that the debt still exists, (that it was not paid off when securitized and sold as stock)that Bofa show that it has the authority to collect the alleged debt. Research your investor, find the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, look on the docs from the county records tsee whether your loan was assigned to the trust after the filing of a NOD.

Make it clear that you will not let your house be taken without a fight. No, make it clear you will not allow your house to be taken and their attempt to do so could be costly to them. The best place to start would be to go the the best loans thread my recent letter to bofa written by Freedomwon and read the way she has used demand letters to Bofa to have her sale date postponed for nine personal loan reviews months now. What a joke, made to wait over an hour with appointment, Was informed as soon as I sat down, I was only allowed 15 mins. Tear up my budget told to lie or they will not modify! Next loans online instant approval no credit check visit he was not happy I refused to lie, a week later allowed 30 mins. Took nearly two weeks messages every day, only to wait on hold utah payday loans 27 loans online instant approval no credit check mins.

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Then the nerve to ask me to spell my name, then replied I am sorry, I do not recognize the name, I will have to call you, back after I retrieve your file from the basement. CALLS BOFA AND TELLS THEM I NO LONGER WISH TO MODIFY MY LOAN. After reviewing the notes BOFA is stating you will not qualify for any kind of modification, please check mail, for the option to do a short sale, shows you are 2 payments behind, which states we can file a NOD! Yes I hung up he had the gall to call my house every 30 mins, leaving message to the effect that i still only have the options he mentioned! She tells me that the file is with the underwriters and easy approval payday loans should take about 30-45 days. I really have nothing to say to her, other than to get the status of the file. These folk have lots of files and little knowledge. The Account manager, Amanda Rich, that used to answer my calls every Friday at the beginning of this process, has taken to sending me to voice mail and then has started a new pattern of calling on loans online instant approval no credit check Wednesdays around 10 or 10:30am CST. Of course she is getting my voice mail--because I am working. In one of my latest voice messages to her, i need money now bad credit I loans online instant approval no credit check specifically told her that I thought we were playing phone tag and for her to answer the following questions in her next voice message to me: 1. My opinion loans online instant approval no credit check is that I will continue to utilize this apparent discord, as it benefits me. I used their apparent ineptitude because it suited my situation at one point, i. In retrospect, though I doubt there was anything I could have done to expedite matters. Keep loans online instant approval no credit check in mind as well that the longer they go without modifying the longer they can bad credit loans no brokers continue to charge the high interest rates to the balance of your account. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.
Our old payment had the property taxes escrowed but, NOT the homeowners insurance and windstorm insurance-we paid those directly to the insurance company. This is how it used to be--with an interest rate of 7.

I am assuming that BOA has included the HO insurance and windstorm insurance--but the docs do not indicate that. So, do we continue to pay our monthly homeowners insurance and windstorm insurance or not? Stated nothing about what the modification will be, just pay this for the next 3-4 payments and we will consider IF we will give you a permanent mod at that time. I saw in the 4 page statement that if they perm mod the loan then the rate may be 2. Midsouth, I wish you all the best and will be on the forum contributing, I must have some insight to help others from my almost 2 yr ordeal with Chase...

Midsouth, I wish you all the best and will be on the forum contributing, I must have some insight to help others from my almost 2 yr ordeal with Chase... Well, my account manager is gone by 2pm TEXAS time so could not talk to her. I know that my income fluctuates (self employment for me and overtime for spouse), this WAS NOT taken into account with the payment BOA proposes. So, in essence, I know that the first payment is due in May. According to their congratulation letter they want me to make the first payment TODAY! Well, I know that HAMP says that if your payment starts in a certain month (like May in our case), I have until the last day in May to make that payment and still be in compliance with the HAMP program. In the mean time, I am going to work with the restreport. In my letter to BOA I will advise them that my financials have changed (I had offered to send in update profit and loss statements, but when I called HOPE to ask if I should, they said- do not send in any more docs unless BOA asks ). However, I believe that the numbers used did not (nor could not) take into account the ups and downs of self employment.

However, I believe that the numbers used did not (nor could not) take into account the ups and downs of self employment.

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I am a freelancer, my income goes up and down every month. You kind of should of put your numbers in to make it to where your numbers would be enough to make payments for the mod permanently and what you could afford to pay upon the HAMP trial. Yours is a very different situation that leads me to believe after getting denied standing that the only option left was to privately securitize the loan. For one thing, I think that it was private from the start because it was never listed on SEC I found it first on Publication 938 The CWRMBS complaint can function as a sort of securitization primer. Defective Qualified Mortgages must be disposed of from a REMIC within 90 days of discovering its defect. I spend alot of my time representing children in CPs cases and indigent criminal defendants...

Maybe I will start with my own Well its been a while, thought I would give those of you an update who are still going thru the process. Well, we were given a trial period under HAMP and finished the 3 month period in July 2012. Received the perm mod in August to begin payments in September 2012--what a rip-off imo. The trade off is that we now have an escrow account after all these years--which is how we got screwed in the first place. On a very strange note, just received a fed-ex from BOA today (they first called and left an automated message stating that something important was coming in the mail via fed-ex and to look for it. Its regarding what they call cashloans com the GLOBAL MORTGAGE SETTLEMENT. The docs state that we meet the criteria bad credit history for a modification program as part of a global mortgage settlement. Essentially they want an update of the information we had previously given to BOA for the HAMP mod. What is different in this mod is that apparently (given what the FAQs states in the docs) is that they can dual track the loan for foreclosure--unlike HAMP.