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The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect instant loans online for bad credit instant loans online for bad credit the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer I had previously been working with NACA. And tried contcating them to online payday loans no credit check instant approval get my sale date postponed.

I live in Florida and everything is pretty much done through the courts. I stopped trying to contact anyone because I was getting nowhere. I faex her in teh same info just updated more than a month ago. While working through NACA we received a modification proposal that was not less than the original payement and when we called in we asked if we coudl speak to our NACA Negotiator before mailing them back. BOA agreed and of course we spoek to someone approx 2 days later, maile dion the docs the same day and were declined becuase they were mailed in late. Too much money, not enough money, negative npv, you name it. However we do qualify for HAMP contrary to what they are saying, but getting anyone to help is next to impossible. At this point we were told that that we basically need to dump NACA and they coudl help us. So it seems that lowest personal loan rate BOA is only interested in trying to utilize their in house Mods which do very little to lower your payments. We were with Countrywide previously and got a bum deal and have been fighting since. Regarding your sale date, we do have it in our system and our Stop Auction Team will be working on postponing or halting the sale as the time gets closer. We are not allowed to even request the postponement until 14 days before the sale date. Your most recent proposal was declined, and we need to create and submit a new proposal on your behalf to support our attempt to halt the auction.

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You will be receiving an Action Plan by e-mail which will list the documents we need to update to create the new proposal. We do see many cases where multiple proposals are required before we receive a modification.

I always tell our members that patience and persistence are the most powerful tools you have in this fight. That way you have no advocate, nobody to make sure you are getting the best modification instant personal loans bad credit possible and nobody to explain the often complicated process of getting a modification. Please submit the documents that will be requested in the Action Plan, and log in to your NACA file on line to schedule a telephone appointment to have the file updated and a new proposal submitted. NACA is willing instant loans online for bad credit to keep fighting as long as you are. They tried to pull my credit report and got and erroe message 0084 SSN match. Bt as usual no one knew what I was talking about and could not help me. You may certainly fax in the copy of the credit report if you wish, but payday loans no phone calls that will not resolve the problem. Your printed out copy of the report is not an acceptable substitute for the report pulled by the NACA system.

The reason the error code appeared is going to have to be found and resolved. Since the error code apparently indicates that the Social Security Number we have in your file did not match the information in your credit bureau file, make sure that your SSN matches not only at Experian but also at Trans Union and Equifax. If there have been any significant other changes lately, such as a name or address change within the last two years, you should verify those too.

Also, there is a possibility that if you are using a credit monitoring service, it could somehow be causing the problem as well. Other websites with similar names either come with strings attached or are trying to obtain your personal information. Naca has tried 4 times to pull credit report with no luck. When I call EXperian they have no idea instant loans online for bad credit what the error message is.

Tim, I am going to get in touch with EXPERIAN again today 3-18-2013. I am dealing with NACA and I see on my wwebfile that Wells Fargo once again denied me for a modification. When I spoke to a NACA rep they told I was denied because I could not afford the arrearages. The investor guidelines say that it need to be paid off within 12 months. So my narrative from Wells Fargo (NACA webfile) says I will be getting a letter with in 10 days. So yesterday I get letter and it says nothing about denial for not being online payday loans manitoba able to afford arrearges. The letter says I was denied because my investor does not allow second modifications which I know is not true. I had a HAMP pacific cash advance 4 years ago and I was not even behind on my mortgage they just suggested I let them give me the HAMP. I have a court date with Wells Frgo in August because I am contesting the foreclosure. Just spoke with instant loans online for bad credit naca and the rep said sorry they cannot help me because my servicer or investor does not allow second mods. It does not mean you are not eligible for other types of internet payday loan modifications. You have not been declined for all types of modification, just another HAMP.

This also explains why there is no decline message in your NACA file, since there may be other modification options still available. Continue to monitor your file and if there is no new activity in two weeks, contact me and we will look at escalating your file to our Servicer Manager. I sent you an email regarding my situation about a week ago and have not heard back.

Last time I spoke to her was on May 3, 2013 and still same status(file personal loans colorado is pending). I informed her I recieved a denial letter dated May 1st. She stated she would look into it because system shows pending. She did not input her notes from our conversation in NACA webportal. The following week I left voicemail messages for her to find out update and recieved no calls. On May 14, 2013 I recieved a voicemail message from another person from the OOP office who stated she is now my point of contact.

I was wondering if you can escalate this within NACA and have them personalloans com contact the unit managers that are selected to work with NACA to look into my file. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. I put the wrong date of contact from second point of contact at OOP Office May 21, 2013 is the correct date and not May 14th. Thanks Just as a point of reference, I have no record of having received an email from you anytime within the past 30 days. Our contract with the major servicers requires that all communication regarding your NACA proposal must be made through your NACA file. Therefore, all of the contact you refer to has come from a different department that has nothing to do with your NACA submission. This is a fairly common occurrence, since most banks now automatically open up their own internal modification file when a loan reaches a certain level of delinquency. From there, it becomes a textbook case of right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing since the different departments do not communicate with each other.

We did try to reach you for a scheduled appointment on the 15th but were unsuccessful in doing so. Since thirty days have passed since the last correspondence from the servicer in your file, I quick loans no credit will go ahead and escalate the file to try and get an update. In the meantime, you should log in to your NACA file a minimum of twice each week to check for updates and you should also use the email tool in Section A of your NACA file each time to send the servicer a message reminding them that you are still waiting for a solution.

I know I am was supposed to wait two weeks to get in touch with truble but I am getting antsy. I wanted to know if I was denied a modifiaction will NACA still help me.

Thank you for getting back to me regarding my situation and explaining NACA and other departments. Also my appointment with NACA on the 15th I answered the phone and when it stated I was next in line to speak to a rep, I was hung up on.