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How can bank unsecured cash loans statements hurt on a loan modification. I know is a lot of questions, but hope to get clear understanding and if you know a good Lawyer in Osceola county, fl I really appreciated. Is it possible to get this type of credit report problem repaired to get refinanced? I doubt this is the kind of problem they intended to create with the AG Settlement and we would not have received a settlement had we been current on payments while under-water.

Is there possibly a refinancing, or a mortgage restructure program we might qualify for?

Experian has reported the mortgage as CHARGED-OFF in the Collection Accounts section of the credit report. Wells Fargo has told me that they do not revise their credit reporting under any circumstances. Ultimately mortgage are who determine if they will grant a refinance and the three, or four we have received feedback from tell me LATES are a deal breaker. Their original letter in December 2012 just said they were extinguishing the loan with no reason why. We have been told on the phone it was because of the AG Settlement by Wells Fargo people several times. The lien release to the county recorder does not give a reason for the charge-off either, although Wells Fargo claimed it did. Not sure it would make a difference to the credit bureaus, but doubt it was the intention of the AG Settlement to create the equivalent of a bankruptcy on the credit report? Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

I am a co borrower but did not see or sign the paperwork.

Some Mortgage Companies, with a Divorce Decree, or a Quit www payday loans www payday loans Claim Deed will allow one-party to sign a joint Loan Modification. There is no quit claim or divorce, nothing to take me off the mortgage in any way. Could the loan still be modified without my signature? There is no quit claim or divorce, nothing to take me off the mortgage in any way. Could the loan still be modified without my signature? Out of curiosity, are you completely sure both of you were on the original loan?

A lot of times, with the old bubble-era mortgages, the mortgage company would take the spouse with the Higher Credit Score, and put the loan in their name only. So, that notary would also have to be in cahoots as well. You should realize though - that a loan modification, is considered a lot better than a Foreclosure.

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The loans originated with First Franklin then to Bank of America and then to Nationstar.

You can either do a short sale, or one of you (if you trust each other) can keep the house and keep on making the modification payments.

Likely the loan was delinquent before the modification - and those arrears would still be due. One thing you should also be aware of - is generally the modifications afford a payment far below the rental value of a comparable home, so most homeowners are better off staying instead of leaving. You are also, more likely better off paying the modification and renting the home out - than walking away or short selling. My husband signed two mods, one in 2013 and another in 2017. I am listed as co borrower on direct small unsecured loans lender loans online the original loan and the deeds have my name and have me as co borrower. I do realize the modifications kept us in the house but the mods have also changed the terms of the mortgage and I did not agree to those changes and I did not sign anything. The total increase of the They also extended the loan maturity date to 2053. However, unless it was agreed that the arrears would be forgiven then they would be entitled to include them in the total.

As for extending the maturity date, that may have been done to keep you payments low. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. Please contact me if you have a denial of a loan mod or received a loan mod you cannot afford, or you have been denied the last 12 months for any kind of housing loan and feel you were mistreated in any way during the process. Based on the information you provide and can document the last 12 months, you may get a new loan you can afford to repay through the Fair get cash instant loans loan now Housing Act without having to sue your servicer or go through the application process all over again. Any attorneys fees paid or third party fees paid in trying to keep your home through applying for a loan modification may be recovered through an Administrative review through HUD without involving the court nor the servicer. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

I have done everything in my power to make my ends meet, but unfortunately I have fallen short recently and would like for you to consider working with me to modify my loan.

My primary goal is to keep my house for myself and my children and I would appreciate the how can i get a loan opportunity to do that. The main reason I have been unable to make ends meet is because in December of 2009 I was divorced. I have been making all of my monthly mortgage payments every month and have not ever defaulted on this loan more than 30 days. I always choose to make my mortgage payment above all other bills as this is my most valuable asset and the only home my children know. I am attempting to find more work in order to make this less of a burden, but the economy, my fulltime job, and being a single mother make this difficult. I am trying to make this less of a difficult time for my children as they have already gone through so many changes in the last 7 months. I do feel that I will eventually get more work, but unfortunately it will take time to build this up and I feel a loan modification would greatly help me achieve my goal of keeping myself and my children in this home. I truly hope that you will consider working with me and I am anxious to get this settled as soon as possible so that I can get back on track. I thank you so much for your willingness to listen to my needs and for working with me in resolving this very important issue.

I very www payday loans much would love to keep myself and my children in this home, as this is a very hard time in their lives and I do not want to add any more burdens on them by having to move out. In that time I have not received any pay increases other than the occasional bonus or overtime, both of which have been eliminated at my place of employment. This amount of savings will not cover our expenses in the case of an emergency. Charging emergency expenses to credit cards will only continue to compound the problem of making timely payments. My wife is scheduled to begin payday loans el paso full time Nursing school in January 2011. This will require her to drastically reduce her work hours or even quit her current job. Nursing school is a minimum of two year commitment. With this reduction in income, making timely payments will be impossible. She does not receive any financial assistance with her education costs. Due to lack of savings, all of her education costs are financed with personal credit cards. With our lack of savings and no home equity to borrow against, we will have to rely on available scholarships and education loans to finance his education.

He has also become more active in his school and community, that my wife and I are no longer able to meet his transportation needs.

We recently purchased a car for his use adding to our monthly payments in auto loan payments, insurance and maintenance. In four years we will have to repeat this personal load for our daughter. My intent is to lower our payment by decreasing our interest rate and partially forgive principal. We have no savings left, and credit cards are now maxed out. We www payday loans will not be able to make our September payment, but desperately want to save our first home. I do have a good, consistent job with local government that I have been employed at for over 5 years and been in the industry for over 12 years. I thank you for your understanding in this difficult time and trust that we will be able to reach a solution for all parties involved. Again thank you and to the recipient of this message, have a wonderful day. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our I have been following this thread for months now and crafted the perfect (I think) hardship letter based on all the suggestions I found here. The agent told us that Fannie Mae underwrites our particular loan and that the ONLY criteria for a modification included a divorce, the loanholder becoming disabled, etc.

Losing a job and not finding suitable employment (which is what happened to us) does not even factor into the equation according to Chase Manhattan. I explained in the letter that we cannot keep this up and would be missing payment very soon. I really need advice on what I can do to get them to talk to me about a modification. The fact that you are not behind and you have equity means the Master Servicer has zero incentive to assist you when they are dealing with 7 million plus borrowers who are currently behind on their mortgage and also asking for help. Twenty three year Real Estate and Mortgage Banking principle and expert. As a foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation specialist, he has worked with numerous banks and lenders over the years in order to mitigate loss to both the institution as well as the homeowner.