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Menace has now gone on to another forum some scam, thing just blowing up, and upset now making lies and saying that I work for different law firms etc.. I have worked for several forms doing consulting, never have made a SINGLE dollar or got a check from any firm.

We do offer the REST Report to several Law firms, and it is very hard to police. One really big concern I have is the Haffar LAW crap going on. There is some people digging and searching for stuff, on me and well I did get 3 tickets this year but I have not had a ticket in over 7 years before that!!!.. I have never had any criminal charges, been put in jail, hurt anyone etc.. I have had and maintained a real estate license for several years. Since 2006 I have been in the industry since the start of this, and I have seen everything there is to be seen, both GOOD and BAD. I have always stayed on the good side reported the BAD, and still continue to REPORT the bad if I find something. In fact just the other day I called MOE, recorded a sales pitch to me from an auto dialer, and the guy was guaranteeing principal reductions, and a 30 year term yes he used the word guarantee.. Seriously bank of America foreclosed on another home they how to small loans fast get a loan online did not home, never had a mortgage. Although I am younger than most of the folks on here, I have been around the block a few times, and this is in no way my first BBQ. I really hope that everyone who had a problem with anything would come out of hiding, and make a phone call or post from a real name, so if there was ever a problem we can address it. There was something made up by a disgruntled employee let go from a FIRM who started something about me. And it was tracked by IP to a law firm where he apparently had just started.. I never once received a check or money from a Haffar law. However if this LAW FIRM is not doing as he said I would indeed go after him.

I have done work for many firms this being one of small loans fast them , and to my knowledge he was doing good work, and helping clients above and beyond. Now I find out he is not, and has closed his practice down because he has no money?..

Well all I have to say is that is really hard to believe. I would encourage anyone with a problem with any firm not just HAFFAR to go report them to STATE bar, call direct etc..

I recently just found out about the HAFFAR issue and am working with bad credit personal loans in san antonio the attorney doing a class action law suit on him direct to answer any and all questions she has. I have to sleep at night and it really makes me sad to find out that there is people on this earth that think you can just abandon a home owner who looked up to you as a last resort. Tavey Dumont and anyone else having a problem with HAFFAR, should contact Mrs. Haffar shut down his practice, after last I heard he went to Syria, and then to Thailand for a honeymoon. So being out of money is not something, which makes much sense or should be an option for this guy he needs to do work, or face the consequences. Anyone has any questions or concerns can email me direct, or call me. I am not hard to find at all, I just posted my email, my phone number now my sales license, and address..

All it takes is one person to come on and post something under different names different places to start something about any person, which uses their real name daily.

If I had a problem I would use my real name, and I suggest small loans fast people do so when complaining about anything in life period.

Here is my issue with not being able to payday cash advance loans afford something so cheap with a hard cost for us associated leaving very very small profit margin. Serious we are working off the nickel a chick theory and small loans fast counting on the volume. There payday loans in baton rouge is 400,000 NOD per month, and a projected 12-13 million foreclosures in the next 2-3 years. Now I have not had any complaints of the price to date besides maybe 2 times. You need to think about how many months down you are, and what your mortgage payment is. This is what the payment would go to if you got a modification.

You have to value your time 8-12 months of no sleep, and the feeling of uncertainty. Know in 24-48 hours no matter which step you are in. The last thing people seem to forget is when they decide to just walk away, you still have to PAY RENT somewhere new. You need to pay First month, last month and a deposit. Oh and if you have a foreclosure most of the time an additional deposit. You will find out if in fact you may be able to stay in your home with a new affordable payment, what payment fast payday loans online direct lenders it will be, and not have to deal with any added stress of moving, uncertainty or giving up.

Very meticioulous and even realized that my loan was FHA and trying to make sure I fit their guidelines which are a bit different from HAMP. My mother in laws file also in the same process and we are moving onto my budget and expense portion and then the final report. Funny thing is my actual underwriting called me Saturday looking for me to do a more detailed budget for me and my mother in law, guess what ,it will be not only a budget but a REST REPORT! I strongly recommend them if not for anything to put yourself in a better position to talk to your lender,underwriter,processor ,whoever your talking and trying to get a modification from. Yes, agreed, multiple reps told me about the 60 days issues but it was never put in writing. I saved the rest of the mortgage money and put it aside. I also have since gotten a REST report which I will use when cash in 15 minutes I reapply for a loan mod which will be some time next month. I have small loans fast found the report to be a ray of light amidst the darkness because for better or for worse I see everything about my case clearly.

I came out NPV negative the first time because the value of my home came out aberrationally high. Hence, on the advice of the REST team I got a BPO by a broker in my area. I am a little worried that Chase will run their own NPV and it will come out like the first report. With any luck they will put stock in their own BPO from January and just use that. Also, after running numbers past you to see if a person is a good candidate for a HAMP modification, what are the next steps?

I plan to apply at the end of next month and I am small loans fast very excited about the REST Report. For too long we all have been at the mercy of 24 hour loans no credit check the lenders and their hidden variables. There was no way to strategically and methodically approach the loan mod request. Now I believe, with the REST Report, we have access to the missing link. It takes out so much of the guesswork on what the lender is looking for. I am going into this with confidence my application will be backed by concrete supporting documentation and numbers that will be hard to deny.

I know with the REST Report I will be giving this my best try.

The good thing is you can get it now and they will update it if anything has changed when you send it in. I had may 3-way call yesterday and went over the budget today. I got my report a month and a half before sending it. I send it in this week on Tuesday and was assigned a relationship manager by noon the next day. It will be in front of an underwriter tomorrow or Monday quite likely.

Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either small loans fast save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. I realize it is a big output of money at a time when we are struggling but, for me, I decided it was worth the expense to give us the best chance of obtaining a loan modification.

Without going into a lot of detail, this is the remaining property out of 5 that we had prior to our business failiure. We received a Chapter 7 discharge in 2009 (all the properties were included) and have since lost one property to foreclosure, one through a short sale and the remaining 2 are in the process of a short sale right now. Both are in foreclosure status with a NOD filed on one and a NOS on the other. We chose to go the short sale route to keep collecting the rental income as long as possible. Fortunately, we had tenants that were very cooperative. While in active BK, cash advance loans we received an in-house loan modification on this property. We used the rental money from the other properties to keep up the payments. This has been a 2 year process that has brought us to the point we are at today.

So, you can see, I am a planner and have worked hard to try and get all my ducks in a row. I have spent hours on this forum soaking in as much information as possible and I search the web for addtional information.