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Last week, we received a 48-hour writ of possession notice to vacate, but we are still here as we had already filed a federal lawsuit against them prior to receiving the notice and have requested immediate and permanent injunctive relief, and we have an ADR hearing (alternative dispute resolution) coming up at the end of March, where hopefully they will settle and reinstate our mortgage. We have also just filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against them so that they cannot boot us out of our home pending our ADR hearing in a few months. This whole same day bad credit loans instant decision thing has been an absolute nightmare and emotional roller coaster for my husband and I. Our stress levels are maxed out and we are drained. We are not exactly sure what we are going to do at this point. While we love our location, really like our neighbors, and we have MANY wonderful memories in this home, this house needs A LOT of work and, to be honest, it has been nothing but a big money pit for quite some time now. It needs more work than we have time or money to put into it and we are getting really tired of being slaves to this house. We went and no credit check appliances looked at a BEAUTIFUL 3-bedroom rental home in a very nice, quiet, and safe neighborhood last week that has been completely renovated from top to bottom.

The kitchen has gorgeous new black granite counter tops with white cabinets, all new stainless appliances, washer and dryer, brand new flooring (new luxury vinyl plank in the kitchen, new tile in the bathroom, and new carpeting in the fast payday loans direct lender living room and 3 bedrooms), fresh paint throughout he entire house, a fenced in backyard with a huge storage shed, all new windows and exterior doors, new roof, new furnace, and a completely remodeled bathroom with a beautiful tile long term loans for bad credit direct lenders shower.

Most importantly, the landlord is american financial loans totally fine with our pets, which is good since we have 4 Golden Retrievers and 4 cats.

The landlord is EXTREMELY nice and was very personable, upbeat, and casual. He told us that the house is ours if we want it and the rent is within our means. It even includes heat, water, sewer, and snow plowing in the winter. All that we would have to pay for is electric instant money online and cable. I work from home full-time and one of the bedrooms would be perfect for my office and then my husband could set up his office in the other spare bedroom. We could also easily fit a twin bed in one of them for guests. We told the landlord that we love the house and that we are VERY interested in it, so we agreed to touch base again on Monday (today) to work out all of the details. EVERYONE (especially my parents) is telling us that we need to jump on this house ASAP. We definitely have a very emotional attachment to our current home, but we know that we need to be realistic and try to remove our emotions from the situation as best as we can (easier said than done). We have no idea how long this lawsuit against Carrington is going same day bad credit loans instant decision to last or what the end result installment loans in ohio for bad credit will same day bad credit loans instant decision be, but our attorney has repeatedly told us that we have a VERY, VERY strong case and he HIGHLY doubts that they are actually going to act on that 48-hour notice and try to kick us out now that they know there is a fresh federal lawsuit against them and an ADR hearing in March. It would only make them look even worse if they kicked us out. Our thought payday loans tulsa ok is that we could always rent this house that we looked at for a couple of years (maybe even a bit longer) while we work on boosting our credit scores and then purchase a new home. Our attorney said that is definitely a likely possibility as they have done that in quite a few other lawsuits against them in these types of cases. However, this rental home could be exactly what we need to get a fresh start. My mind has been racing the past several days and I guess I just needed a place to kind of vent and get all of this off my chest.

We NEED to be able www payday loans com to take a step back from this current situation and deal with this lawsuit with a CLEAR, sound mind and minimal stress, which we do not same day bad credit loans instant decision have being here!!!!!

We really, really like this rental home and we are supposed to be meeting with the landlord either tonight or tomorrow to cement all of the details. We want to gradually move in over the next couple of weeks. We will have to put our appliances in bad credit loans no guarantor no broker storage since this house has all brand new ones. Like I said, our current home has A LOT of major issues that will be very costly to repair. Finding this beautiful rental house in the perfect neighborhood just feels like it was meant to be. We meet with the landlord this evening to make it official and get the keys, so we will gradually start moving our belongings over there. We meet with the landlord this evening to make it official and get the keys, so we will gradually start moving our belongings over there. She is just getting up to speed on her case since our lawsuit was just brought to her attention, and she is going to either be calling me back this evening or tomorrow! She is just getting up to speed on easy personal loan approval her case since our lawsuit was just brought to her attention, and she is going to either be calling me back this evening or tomorrow!

If moving out to take advantage of a good opportunity works, then that is right. You can not trust ANYTHING the mortgage company tells you. Another option is to sue for wrongful foreclosure and maybe use the March meeting for potential settlement. Disclosing you have moved out may hurt negotiations, so think twice about that. Check on the property and make sure it is winterized.

Also, mortgage company may come around and snoop in windows to verify occupancy. They wont give you notice but may also check for vehicles on drive bys so if you can, park a vehicle in the drive and move it occassionally. They actually FORGED my signature on the promissory note and still have not provided any endorsements or allonges that go with the note, despite us demanding to see them numerous times over the past month, so they CLEARLY do not have them, thus had no standing to foreclose.

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They are so irritated that they same day bad credit loans instant decision filed a motion to change venues late last week when they found out that the court is leapfrogging the injunction hearing and going straight to ADR (which is totally in our favor), but we filed a strong opposition stating that we know why they are requesting this, that they are forum shopping to try to get the case transferred to a court that they think will act in their favor. We have already sent them our financials because the court told us to for modification purposes for the ADR conference. This is what is on our ADR agenda from the judge: 2. If plaintiff is seeking a loan modification to resolve all or online payday loans missouri some of the claims, plaintiff shall prepare a current, accurate financial statement and gather all of the information and documents customarily needed to support a loan modification request. Provide counsel for defendants with information necessary to evaluate the prospects for loan modification, in the form of a financial statement, worksheet or application customarily used by financial institutions.

So, it has been over a week since we notified their attorneys that we desire a loan modification and have submitted all of our documents to them and have gotten absolutely no response. I even offered to sign a new note since they clearly do not have it, which will make everything legal. You might want to run the numbers on re-instatement and repairs needed to sell.

You might consider alternatives given opposing counsel is holding their cards until the last minute. Well, we had our second early ADR assessment phone conference today and it did not go so well. We also asked for a small cash settlement if they would do the loan modification.