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Am I too far involved with the collection agency now to just ignore them? I would like to point out that I am new to this blog and the problems we face here relitive to others.

I have made it my business to know the subject to the best that I can. I have spoken with many professionals monthly installment loans bad credit throught out my whole short sale, closing, deficiencies and now a SOJ. This BS about the first 20 -25 days is the best time to settle is the bigest line of BS that I have ever heard.

She said that to get you on the book for her commision for that month. Read the thread starter here and read strategy for settling your 2nd.

Follow those strategys and if need be tailor them to you needs if you have anything special going on. Never send in financial information to a CA for any reason under any circumstances, never. This includes bank statements, W2s, pay stubs and the likes.

If you feel the need to settle do so on your terms and in your time. Also, negotiate how your paid SOJ will appear on all three of you CR. A PAID COLLECTIONS is just slightly better than not haveing paid it at all. You dod not want a PAID COLLECTIONS shiowing on your CR. You want at minimum Legally Settled for less than owed at bare minimum. What you really want is to have it sowing paid in full as agreed. Also know that under no uncertain terms do you send in a red cent for anything unless personal loans low interest personal loans low interest or until a settlement plan to your liking is sitting in front of you signed and legal that shows how the debt will read on your credit report and that it in fact paid in full. If you send in any money without a bad credit loans online written agreement and terms as to how the paid debt will appear on your CR and that is paid in full, expect them to not report it on your report as agreed and then expect more collection calls to begian shortly after you sent in the money based on a verble agreement. Their is no such thing as a verble agreement in this business.

Tomeason, me, etal have said that no one can point to one case here in the USA where by a pay day loan calgary SOJ is sueing even though they legally can.

I found one case that Citi was sueing but it has other circumstances beyond the scope of this subject. Read the garnishment laws on a federal level and then ones that your state has in place. For personal loans low interest starters and lender would have to serve you papers, sue you in court, you would answer the summons. Form a defense, i have one in place in the unlikly event it coems to that. Win a judgement and then go back to court to force the judgement.

When negotiating for how items will appear on your credit report, what low rate payday loans are the values that can be reported and what are they in best to worse order? When negotiating for how items will appear on your credit report, what are the values that can be reported and what are they in best to worse order? I recommend you call one of the major CRAs and ask, or you may find the answer on their websites. Account entries on a credit file are both coded and explained in terms similar to your examples. When negotiating for how items will appear on your credit report, what are the values that can be reported and what are they in best to worse order? I have seen several strange notes placed under my 2 negitive accounts.

I susspect that any creditor can place nearly anything that they want on your report.

This notation was suposed to be a neutal mark in that was not suposed to negitively or positively effect my credit report. But what do they have to do to prove it to be correct, nothing, the creditor just simply says - oh yeah, thats accurate and the derog stays. The onus is on the consumer to provid some type of documentation to support your claim.

The creditor does not have to show any more proof, he just confirms it to be true.

I have had to deal with this very thing with Discover. Discover just confirmed thier ding as correct and that was it. When I tried to challenge that reply I was rejected online as frivolous personal installment loan beciase as it was said to me in an e-mail from all 3 CRA. That challenge was already investigated and shown to be correct per Fair Credit Reporting Guildlines.

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I was forced to search out and find all my old statements, online statements and challenged each one via the US postal service and still had to fight it out. So far EQUIFAX and TransUnion have removed the mark but Experian has not.

Save all you paper work and notes while going through all of this. Keep a 3 ring binder near the phone that you can jot down notes, times and what was said over the phone.

Any letters that come in, stick them in your 3 ring binder. Number personal loans low interest two, keep in mind that the credit reporting agencies in essence work for the lender. Thier Allegence is to them and not to the consumer. Credit reporting is a huge money making racket that cars little about you the consumer. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. The advice I gleaned from this forum was so helpful I wanted to share personal loans low interest my successful outcome. I stopped paying my Amex about 18 months ago because of major business problems. After interest and charges I ended 2012 owing Amex almost 50K. At that point I started reading online after considering bankruptcy and other options. Eventually I started reading on this forum and started to think about debt settlement and other options. So my unpaid Amex went thru I think 3 different collection agencies.

The first two were fairly rapid maybe the first was after four months of non-payment , then the next after another couple months. They called a few times a day at the beginning and then less so. They also called my business partner a few times and my parents once. After further reading on this forum, I started in a version of 2500 installment loan for bad personal loans low interest credit the scorched earth policy. My debt went back to Amex and then to a third collection agency and I never spoke to anyone for the last part of 2013 and the first half of 2014. A month after receiving that offer, I borrowed some money to try to settle.

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The debt was back with Amex and I think I was calling a center in India. And was sort of an anti-climax as it was a short easy discussion. They sent me a settlement letter saying debt was settled and they will cease collection activity. It was sort of empowering as I quick loans for bad credit had always paid all my bills on time. I was always polite and cordial, and everyone I talked to was professional to me. And for me settling for what was affordable was a great relief. Maybe I could have waited and settled for less but I feel it all worked out fine. Most important to me was to realize my financial failings were just a series of mistakes and happenstance and not to feel embarrassed or miserable about them. Also do it yourself as learning to deal with your messes provides great life lessons. Thanks for sharing your American Express story with the community billybudd! We ALL truly appreciate you taking the time to pay it forward to the many others who will come after you. You are living proof that this forum, and the great people here who have paid it forward are valuable contributors to the internet. Great stories and helpful information that is given freely so people like you and many others can learn how to get their debts and lives back on track. If you do not mind, I pinned this thread in our debt settlement forum so it will stay at the top of the threads because I feel your contribution is very valuable to other people having the same issues. This is how we become empowered to accomplish personal loans low interest almost anything we set our minds to and then follow through with the work necessary to make it happen. The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing nevada payday loan legal advice. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet.