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If this is true, then I hold all of the customer service representatives and all processors and all of you accountable for neglecting to tell us of this pertinent information. We personal loan providers have given every single customer service representative employed by instant payday loan Wells Fargo the utmost respect and consideration with regard to our loan status.

Whenever something is requested of me, I always follow through, making sure the Loss Mitigation department receives all requested paperwork. We do not want to foreclose, nor do we wish to short sell. Just this past July I was hired at a new company, and on multiple occasions (sometimes 4-5 times a week, even on Saturdays) have personal loan providers mentioned this pertinent information to every single customer service representative with whom I speak or to those who call me 4-5 times a week. Every time I tell them about my updated personal loan providers employment information, they respond by informing me I should fax over my pay stubs to prove that you are receiving income. I received my first phone call from a gentleman named Antwone Hancock on the 24th of August. Actually, it was a voicemail sent to me requesting a call back to his office. I will note that his voice mail message states his name, the current date, and the fact that he will return all calls by the end of business day. Please let me inform you that I have called and left messages on numerous occasions, and have NOT ONCE received a courtesy call from Mr.

I eventually learned from one of the HAMP customer service representatives that this man is our loan processor. Must be a very important man to not return phone calls, or to even have someone holiday loans else return them for him. Antwone Hancock has, personal loan poor credit to this day, NEGLECTED to return ANY of my phone calls (messages), even though his voice message states that he will return calls by the end of the day.

August 31, 2010, I called the Loss Mitigation department to check on the status of my loan.

I was told that a new hardship, earnings, rental income bank statement needed to be received. So, like I normally do, I fax this to the Imaging department so it can be reviewed by any one of the people working on my account.

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The conclusion of the conversation with the customer service representative as usual, always concludes the same way: I ask what I should do next, and the CSR replies fastcash best personal loan providers online personal loans com with please call us in a week to check on the status. September 8, 2010, a week later, I placed a call to Mr. Hancock at the (803) 806-6832 number and was again diverted from his voicemail which notified me that he was in training until Wednesday of next week.

I end up speaking with another person in the Loss Mitigation department to find out what had happened with my account after I had faxed over the paperwork requested of me on the 1st of September. It is my neglect for not taking down the names of each CSR with whom I speak, but most of the time I am on the road when I call and cannot write anything down. I composed myself and asked WHY is this even possible?

Your mortgage company has received every, single piece of documentation requested of us, on multiple occasions nonetheless. Mind you, not at any point in time was I EVER told there was a deadline to where this elusive paperwork had to be received by the Loss Mitigation department. I never even received any notification via USPS requesting me of this information. I explained to her that I had been given the runaround from every person with whom I had spoken at Loss Mitigation. I informed her of the news I received earlier that morning, and she proceeded to tell me that I had been kicked personal loan providers out of Loss Mitigation because of missing paperwork. For the first time, Kelly was able to search my account and LO AND BEHOLD, because I had gotten a new job, she told me I needed to VERBALLY tell someone at Loss Mitigation. Again, I was flabbergasted, simply because I had, in fact, informed every single CSR at Loss MItigation with whom I have spoken since I got employed in JULY that I had gotten a new job.

Every time, they request me to send in my employer earnings report. Kelly (a supervisor , from what I was told) informed me that because I got a new job, I needed to update my financial information with a person Verbally. So, as of September 8, 2010, my information has been received by the Loss MItigation department and your computer systems should have our most updated information to proceed with our loan modification.

I call the Loss Mitigation department to check on the status of my loan.

I call once more to the Loss Mitigation department to check on the status of my loan. Despite the fact the young woman with whom I spoke on Wednesday evening told me I should call in a week, I called 2 days later instead. Friday evening, I sent a somewhat curt, but proper message for Mr. Hancock on my way home from work, informing him of my distaste in the way he conducts business, and have informed him that I feel as though I am getting the runaround from him. Informs my husband and me that we were not approved for the HAMP program. While I know I have had multiple conversations with the CSRs and Supervisors at Wells Fargo during the past 9 days, my husband about has a heart attack and says a letter is more evidence than multiple phone calls to random representatives, regardless of what they tell you.

Spoke with Sierra at a Wisconsin-based Wells Fargo office with regard to my account. Had actually missed the call from the particular number 612-312-8585 earlier Friday. Apparently someone from that office had called us with regard to the status of our account.

I had to explain to Sierra the whole situation that had gone awry thus far, and she suggested I call back on Wednesday to see if any progress has been made.

At this point, I feel as though I am being given the runaround. The letter we received Friday evening was icing on the cake. It states that a Notice which listed the specific documents we needed and the time frame required to provide them was sent to you more than 30 days ago THIS IS NOT TRUE. We never received any formal letter asking me for any documentation. Every piece of documentation sent to you was per the request of an actual representative of Wells Fargo, via the telephone. It may be easy for you because you more than likely own multiple homes, with no payment whatsoever. But I would think that at some point in time, you were an average person, wishing to live a happy life, have a home, have a family. You may be rich now, but you were young at one point, and I am sure at some point you struggled. If the economy was not the way it is, we would not be in this predicament.

Please keep in mind, we never at any guaranteed payday loans no teletrack direct lender point in time went into default.

We made a preemptive move and contacted the loss mitigation department before all of our savings ran out.

We wish to figure out what is to happen with our home loan. While I realize you personally may not look at personal loan providers our documentation, I would request that you escalate this issue to someone other than Mr. Antwone Hancock (who really needs to be reprimanded on his poor customer service skills).

We feel we are hanging by thin threads at this point, never reaching any positive conclusion. You need to read every post in this entire thread, and read every post I have written. I give detailed advice multiple times on how to take care of issues with the servicer denying a mod for an invalid reason. The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet.

You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. I am going to call the HOPE hotline Monday -- I called Saturday evening, but nobody was available to take my call.

I brought down some of my existing payments, no longer have internet, cable, etc... We buy in bulk at Costco now, so grocery store trips are not as prevalent. Last night, I sent yet another email to a number of WFHM executives explaining my webloan plight. Hopefully I will get some sort of response, as this is getting extremely ridiculous. I will ask them if they will do an in-house mod or a HAMP backup mod. Before you can challenge a denial, you need to get the reason. It is entirely possible that the denial was completely valid, and you need to start making decisions based on that. Once you get a reason for a denial, you need to be able to figure out if it is valid or not.