Not to mention when you are showing definitive proof that you investor will make more money by modifying the loan, the service is to do what is in the best interest of the investor according to the 800 page PSA agreement, which does state that the servicer must work in the best interest of the investor. Even if you knew you qualified or did it the old fashion way, of submission, and waiting and you have a qualified file you still wait 12-14 months, new numbers out MONDAY paydaybank show now average timeline is 17 months, that is CRAZY... It is also used in calculating your NPV and can be used to establish a basis for re-assessment of your property taxes and insurance. Excess or insufficient income is one of the main reasons for a loan workout denial. You need to be showing a specific blend of not too much and not too little in order to prove that you have a sufficient hardship while also showing you still have enough income left over to support the new modified payment. The Crisis budget is done with you and is based on your self-reported expenses along with statistical norms and generally accepted accounting principles. It is then formulated using the monthly minimum and maximum household allowances. Didnt know if you still have to recommend us to REST report or not. She was just denied by chase using NACA (myself as well) due to the NPV test. This nightmare I think is soon to happen to me also. You need to find out ASAP where you stand with the bank and the REST report is the absolute best way to do that. I can only say two things about Charlie and the Rest Report,Wow and Wow and impressive!

After a long hard battle and doing everything asked she was denied due to failing the NPV test.

I emailed him last night,got an email back quickly at 11pm!

Next day (today) he calls me personally tells me everything I need to know,the process and what they are doing and how they do it. Instead of guessing and hoping you gave the bank instant cash advance the right numbers their system tells you what the right numbers are but you have to be able to back them up.

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The info they got out of EMC and Chase in 15 minutes was more than I usually get in a month. Thanks Charlie and Levi,I look forward to finalizing this with you and updating here on the forum. Needless to say my negotiator is a stick in the mud, and my question to her was when can I start making a trial mtg. It is possible that your NPV can change, and as a matter of absolute fact, the NPV result will change as you either miss or make more payments. Missing payments means if they mod, they can add more to the balance, and collect more in payments, and that changes your NPV score. NPV is measured as a dollar value, not just pass or fail. The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the new direct payday lenders internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not bad credit loans direct lenders reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our Yes that could be true but not in this case. We have seen so many modification with having equity, and not being fannie, or freddie as well, just dont really want to push the issue. We here at REST Report Matters are very fast personal loans online aware of how everything works and what is coming next EVEN before you are able to read the next guide. We have it, and are trained in the new release already. NPV can change, and will change with time, sure but not in cases with over 150-200k EQUITY... This is the only way in the world to take a timeline fo 12-14 months, to 24-48 hours REPORT in hand which removes uncertainty, then how does cash advance work 30-90 days average time from sumbission to modification generally speaking, based on results average seems to be 60 days. I emailed my package to OOP just now and hoping for a call soon. Needless to say my negotiator is a stick in the mud, and my question to her was when can I start making a trial mtg.

Yea, i think Bobbie should be issued her paper work this week or next week latest, if making her trial by April. That is what she was called and told, which is rare in itself. Sharing everything from the entire process is the point of this thread. I asked an honest question, though it might have been taken as snarky the loan quote way it came out. But I wanted to know, it seems that the REST Report caters mainly to people interested in getting a loan modification, right? But for those paydaybank of us who are interested only in getting a mod if a principal writedown is included (in other words, not interested in postponing the inevitable with a resulting balloon payment or similar scenario), I asked, then, does the REST Report really matter? Here is a quick easy answer to this… The REST Report is the only thing on the world that will show in definitive terms what you qualify for and why. The uses for the REST Report can be HAMP, STEP, FLEX and SHORTSALE. So if a client came to us and said I only want a REST Report for a principal reduction I would not let them get a REST Report.

Some borrowers do however need principal forbearance, which I need to clear up as well I can see. This means part of the loan balance would go to a non interest accruing 40 year balloon on the back of the loan no interest or payments due 40 years. In the event of a SALE or REFI this would first need to be paid off. Here is paydaybank personal loan comparison the current way a loan gets modified and the way one may arrive at their new payment. These steps must be followed in this exact order and you cannot move on to the next step until you have exhausted the step before. Calculate the capitalization of outstanding interest, escrow advances, and out-of-pocket servicing expenses (but not late paydaybank fees). Begin calculating monthly payment at incrementally reduced interest rates (. We corresponded and debated the issue for quite awhile before he could even look at it with an open mind. It always bothered me that NPV tests were not made available to the industry and public.

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In the mortgage industry, when a borrower applies for a loan, the borrowers credit is accessed and the file is ran through an automated underwriting system. Desktop Underwriter and Loan Prospector (agency AUS systems) should have launched an NPV model when HAMP was launched so that industry professionals could help borrowers instead of HOPE counselors. Thanks so much for looking into this and pushing MOE a bit. I quick pay loans personally was going to drive up to his house either way, and meet the guy-lol. Instead he replied to my email, and was very open to having lunch.

We had lunch in paydaybank Temecula, I showed him several modifications that matched the REST Report findings, and emails from servicers thanking us, and acknowledging the REST Report from REST Report Matters.

I also gave him 5-8 numbers of recent within the week or 2 that used the REPORT, and are so thankful it was available as many were denied several times previous to them having a REST Report. I can tell you this much sitting across the table from MOE was nothing short of challenging. He challenged me tribal payday loans on everything I said, and with every challenge I had an answer. BOBBIE, and DELL are almost done, and several others from LOANSAFE, in the thread all about the REST Report they have reported getting calls, right away just a change of the entire game. A Loan Safe member has donated a REPORT for free to someone that could not afford it. It really speaks for itself, which is really a change from get a payday loan online the scams out on the internet.

I was so eager to put results, and reports in the public, eye..

If you change the info in the REPORT you can make it say what you want, so if there was just 1 person out there that was not honest wanting to sell a REPORT, showing one qualified that really did not.