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I made a qualified written request to Flagstar bank requesting the name and contact info of the investor of our loan.

Flagstar was insisting they could not modify our loan because the investors were not wanting to modify. I followed up with a email to legal and again they said flagstar owns the loan. The latest is I was offered a mod ,but it is a 7 year balloon which is not very good ,they said they were buying the loan back from the investors and this was the best they could offer me on this type of loan? Any suggestions on how I should proceed in finding out exactly who owns our loan. By the way under the 10-01 HAMP directives dated Jan 28, 2010 the servicer must send you a trial payment notice or loans for very bad credit no brokers a notice stating you are not eligible with 30 calender days of required documents being received. So, I guess it is a good idea to send in your QWR to the lender and Freddic Mac, right? Over 1 month ago we mailed two certified letters asking for detail of charges - of course never heard back - Where are you sending your QWR?

I sent my QWR to Flagstar customer service, using the mailing address from my mortgage statement - A Loan Mod.

I received a answer back within 2 weeks on letterhead from the Flagstar legal dept.

Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. Please contact me if you have a denial of a loan mod or received online personal loans bad credit instant approval a loan mod you cannot afford, or you have been denied the last 12 months for any kind of housing loan and feel you were mistreated in any way during the process. Based on the information you provide and can document the last 12 months, you may get a new loan you can afford to repay through the Fair Housing Act without having to sue your servicer or go through the application process all over again. Any attorneys fees paid or third party fees paid in trying to keep your home through applying for a loan modification may be recovered through an Administrative review through HUD without involving the court nor the servicer.

Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

Perhaps letting you know what I did before joining this tribe and knowing about the QWR as it might be helpful to you. The more noise we can make as one voice, the better off we will be, maybe. We all know WAMU bellied up and CHASE just became bigger and more dysfunctional.

I wrote a 7 page letter to the supervisor who has my file, which is the Chase Finance Executive Office (the resolution department).

I short circuited after over a year dealing with this Make Homes Affordable Loan Modification process after being payday loans in dayton ohio approved for 2 pre-trails, one pre bankruptcy for a small monthly reduction, which I satisfied. As I shared in earlier comments, wrote my own letter of the lost income and emotional pain and suffering I have endured the last year. Created a facebook page called Chase Loan Modification or Foreclosure looking for support and other customers with these on-going issues. My letter is posted as an appeal for help, it might be too strong, however I am going to see this through. Any other suggestions would be helpful, done in Oregon! Has anyone been given a loan modification and then 8 months of making payments you get served an eviction notice? Seems my loan modification was finalized Aug 2009 but they had sold our home July 2009 they continued to send my my monthly statements and they also sent a letter telling us they charges 3600. I sent my QWR about a month ago and they sold my loan to another company. So I sent a new QWR to the new company and am waiting to hear. Today I called my congressman, yesterday someone at Chase Executive Resolution Team named Rod Mills told me Freddie Mac does NOT approve or will do ANY special forbearance on loans, this is not true. My congressman told me all the banks have the three following options in there tool box to help home owners: Something has to be offered and or explicit reasons why.

Before I was assigned to Rod Mills, I was working with someone named Daniel, his number is 614-422-1114.

I am documenting everything, this is one more form of documentation.

Back to Rod Mills, this man also told me CHASE would prefer to foreclose on my file case because I was high risk. Keep in mind I have lived in this house 12 years, and I am high risk! I have no debt, bankruptcy discharged every thing, the only payment I have and the highest is my health insurance. I am receiving government loans to go to school and grant money.

My full time job for no pay is dealing with this ridiculous cluster you know what.

Rod Mills was abusive, threatening and down right despicable in his communication with me. Can you imagine someone telling you freddie mac would prefer to foreclose and take my house because its a better investment for them? Just wanted to know how things are working out with you? They told me they were private loan lenders for bad credit behind, not to worry and to check back.

Next thing I know is Chase has sent back my August 2010 payment.

When I called them to find out what the problem was they told me they had no record of my check being sent back to me and for me to call back in a week to see what the problem was. I told them I had already signed the loan modification paper online personal loans bad credit instant approval work and they could not do this. Chase told me yes they could because they never online personal loans bad credit instant approval signed the loan docs. They did tell I could reapply for a loan modification again! I leave messages for my underwriter to call me and she never does.

I have left messages for supervisors to call and still nothing. Chase never even owned my home when they approved the modification. I am sure you have heard of the old saying garbage in Garbage out. Consumers need to remember that a modification comes down to 1 THING..

FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW NPV STANDS FOR NET PRESENT VALUE... This NPV determines whether or not the lender will loose money by modifying or by foreclosing. BOTTOM LINE you need an attorney who has access to the Rest report so you may determine loans comparison online personal loans bad credit instant approval NPV as NPV generally determines HAMP... I know from experience, Chase Bank does NOT respond to a Qualified Written Request...

Forget about any other crap that takes months to do personal loans in california to try and get a modification that they have no intention of ever giving you. When we all band together they will see who really holds the cards!! These lenders do not have to abide by the Making Home Affordable Program regulations when they are accountable to only you, the consumer. However, there is an organization called Arize that can help you get approved for your home loan modification in as little as 3 weeks. Arize specializes in auditing and modifying loans through the HAMP program. They conduct a forensic audit of your mortgage and finds errors that allow them to take the upper-hand with the lender. I spent over a year trying to get a home loan modification through Chase and then LBPS and got nowhere.

If I would have known about this company before the house was foreclosed on, I would have had them handle it from the very beginning. Email Derrick at direct payday lenders for bad credit How in the world is an email address considered spam? How in the world is an email address considered spam? Your story sounds like a copy online personal loans bad credit instant approval of my frustrating 2 year battle with these Chase idiots. They told me to stop sending payments after the 4th, and promised that the Perm Mod would be sent out right away. I sent a 7 pg QWR Qualified Written Request this week, and hope it produces some results. My loan was with Wamu, which Chase stole for pennies on the dollar. Did you know that Wamu has lost millions of loan docs, and so Chase may not legally be able to foreclose. Guess I will take the bast---s to court in the near future.

Mod, the stupid rep tried to tell me that they now utilized new mod guidelines from the Treasury Dept. I asked this rep to send me a copy of these new guidelines but she refused to do so..... I did some research and could not find any new guidelines , and that the HAMP guidelines still were in full force.