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We have been trying for the past 2 weeks to find an attorney who can help us, only to be turned down by all of them. I did look up consumer law attorneys in our area on the Justia web site and I emailed every single one of them yesterday in hopes that at least ONE of them will be able and willing to help us.

The closest ones to us that I found are about 45-60 minutes away from where we live. I did call the free legal assistance hotline in our state last week, but was told that we make way too much money to qualify for their services. They said that our household income is over twice what their limit is. We are not giving up our home that we worked so incredibly hard for and have 12 years worth of memories in. I would also want to verify this stops ALL activity, including eviction or moves for possession. Believe me, I know exactly what you are going through! We currently are working with a nationally known attorney who also produces movies on foreclosure fraud, which we are quickly finding that we are the victims of! He was previously an assistant attorney general as well as a title insurance attorney and he has been SO, SO helpful! Believe it or not, I found him on YouTube when I was watching some of his documentaries on foreclosure fraud, so I reached out to him via personal loans online instant approval email and he immediately got back to me and has been amazing! The more we research our situation, the more and more screwed up it gets!!!

We just filed what we feel is a VERY powerful and compelling 30-page rule 60 motion with best unsecured loans the court to have the judgment nullified as it was fraudulent. Included in this motion are many examples of recent lawsuits against Carrington for this exact same abusive and deceptive behavior that have gone in the favor of the homeowners as well as proof that there is no chain of title and that Carrington had no legal right to foreclose. We also included proof of how they blatantly dual-tracked us and stonewalled us when it came to getting a modification.

We have been working with an out of state attorney who is a the loan store former assistant attorney general in Ohio and ran a title company for many years non payday loans and now helps payday loan lenders only no credit checks fight mortgage fraud.

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The motion that he wrote for us was beyond brilliant. Curious if this was resolved before the pandemic given the timeline, the State AG involvement, and the supervised mortgage laws. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of cash advance rate homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. I just talked to the head investigator with the State of Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection and he said that they CAN and WILL help! He reassured me several times that we are now in the right hands and that they deal with these situations ALL the time. He said that it absolutely does sound like we have been dual-tracked, and then there is also the issue that Carrington did not even own our loan payday loans in houston texas and had no legal standing to foreclose. His exact words were, It definitely sounds like the law is on your side in this case. He told me that Tom quick easy payday loans Cox just won another huge case similar to this, which will play non payday loans in our favor since it shows that another one of these cases has just recently come down the pipeline where the mortgage servicer lost. Cox and he is a big reason why our state has such tough laws when it comes to foreclosures. When I asked him if there is any way that all of this can be undone so that where to get loans we can save our home, he very enthusiastically said, Absolutely! We have full jurisdiction over Carrington in this state, and they have been very responsive to us in the past when there have been other complaints against them. Thankfully, our state has VERY strict consumer protection laws when it comes to this sort of thing, tougher than any other state, he said. He is contacting Carrington right away to let them know that there is now a non payday loans complaint against them and that they are being investigated. I also emailed him all of the documentation from us working with Carrington this past year on the loan modification. Another thing that he mentioned is that the fact that Carrington was the one who bought our home as opposed to some random third party gives us a leg up since that makes this much easier to deal with and even undo.

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We have had absolutely no luck finding an attorney willing or able to take us on (I received another rejection this morning from yet another attorney), but now that the state is involved and they have full power over Carrington and can force them to undo this foreclosure and sale if the need to, it looks like we may not even need one. The investigator emailed me this afternoon and said that he reviewed all of the documentation that I sent him, including a copy of our original mortgage with all of the papers that I signed at the closing of our house way back in 2008, and he has officially sent the complaint off to Carrington! I am now feeling much more confident and hopeful knowing that the state is involved and they have full power to shut these people down (at least here in Maine), sue them, and demand that this foreclosure and sale be undone! The state officially opened an investigation on Carrington last week and they did receive confirmation back from Carrington that they received notice of the investigation and they have been ordered to provide all kinds of documentation to the state so that they can investigate the legality of this foreclosure. The investigator did inform Carrington that they are to cease any and all negotiations or sale of our property during the course of their investigation, which the investigator does expect will be quite a lengthy and involved investigation due to the complexity of our case since the foreclosure judgment has already occurred. The investigator said that since Carrington are the ones who now own our home, they are free to do pretty much whatever they want, whether it be reinstate our mortgage and modify our loan, write us a whole new mortgage, or agree to lease our home back to us for a couple of years to allow us to get into a position to be able to buy it back from them. Honestly, at this point, we would be completely open to ANY of those things.... I did bring up the issue of the improper MERS assignments and the question of whether Carrington had legal ownership of our mortgage to be able to foreclose since we had been told previously that they did not. I was told by the investigator that is something they can and very likely will look into, but he did say that these mortgage assignment issues can be fixed and Carrington may well have done that.

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I would think that they would much rather just try and work something out with us so that they do not have to take possession and then be responsible for the property. The state investigation was launched AFTER they filed a motion for writ. I have no idea if this state investigation will put a halt on this as well. He also told me to notify him right away if I have any communication whatsoever with either Carrington or their lawyer. Either way, my husband and I have decided that we are digging our heels in and REFUSING to leave our home, even if a writ is issued.

It looks like Carrington is not willing to delay and that they DO want your property. Those cross motions went very fast, they were ready. I do not know if what you have filed ends anything, there is no longer a 20 day wait for the answer. You are right, dual tracking argument is likely moot other than a FDCPA violation. However, convicting them of that violation may assist you in the area of a lack of good faith and fair dealing.

Violations alone will not overturn the foreclosure. It could help you refinance or it could help you retain an attorney. If you are hiring someone make sure to vette them non payday loans properly and get referrals from trusted sources. The not knowing is making me literally sick to my stomach and causing us a HUGE amount of stress, which is the very last thing we need.

He did say that they DO have the power to reinstate our mortgage or even write us a whole new mortgage since they are the ones who bought our home, but we have no idea if they will do that. The possibility of a leaseback could also be a potential option.

We have been trying for the past 2 weeks to find an attorney who can help us, only to be turned down by all of them.