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Filed complaint with CFPB day I posted this note (see attached. Received call next day from Chase Executive Office. Reviewed what asked for to resolve -- letter and documents. Representative claimed the need to review thousands of documents in my file to locate all of them. To receive call today from contact -- will call if no call by 2 PM. One that has a downloaded automatic call recorder app. In spite of various laws, one should be covered by the announcement of all calls recorded. Also, there is no law against recording for personal note taking.

Just back it up in written form, and notate dates, parties talked to, and promises made to correct issue if you can.

Here, one must have an active lawsuit to compare personal loan rates use this type of discovery. I misplaced the original of my Chase mortgage refinanced under HARP. In January I contacted Chase customer service to have a hard copy sent to me. To date I have worked with three individuals -- two money loans online same day in customer service, one at a branch in OH. I have yet to to receive all the documents that comprise the documents at closing (Sept. The intial mailings of the documents from the e-copy of the original were incomplete or not printed properly. Every money loans online same day time I speak to a Chase employee I discover that there is still a document I have not been sent, although twice I have been told everything has been sent. And cannot be certain until I receive confirmation of that from Chase. In addition to needing to have a complete copy of online payday loans las vegas the mortgage closing documents, if I sell my house I need to be certain I have all the information needed for the sale. The last person I spoke assured me that I will have all the documents associated when I receive the mailing she sent yesterday. Because of the numerous errors I told her I wanted a letter from Chase verifying that I have been sent a complete copy of the e-file representing the original scanned by Chase and associated with my account. To paraphrase her reason: I am asking for Chase to confirm that those providing loans without credit the documents have done their job, that might have to go through the legal department, and even so said Chase would not send such a letter.

I told her I needed to know I had all the files and pursued other means to be certain: 1. When I told her someone else had sent some she still refused to send the files and noted she cannot access them. Again, best personal loans I ask for the letter from Chase confirming I have been sent a copy of all the documents. I was offered the option of of her accessing the very e-files she told me she could not and sending me a letter listing all the documents so I could check that list against what I have on hand. She speculated that if the letter was not approved Chase money loans online same day might opt to print out and send them. I indicated that based on what has happened so far, could very well result in another set of incomplete, improperly printed documents with no assurance I have a complete copy. This necessary because of the numerous errors, improper printing of documents sent, plus the failure by three representatives to identify and provide all the documents. I want to receive this information from Chase within one week of this complaint received by Chase. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either cell phone with bad credit save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. As eviction protections set to expire across the United States, up to 30 million tenants may be at risk of being thrown out of their homes, according to one expert. The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our This coronavirus pandemic is indeed 100 times worse than 1931 great depression. Homeless people camping around corners and vacant stores.

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Those can be one of us soon if not later- When you said your second is forclosing on you, did you receive a notice of default? When was the last time you received communication from your second lender? My family was burned with almost 40 thousand 3 years anxiety, exacerbated illness, up to now. We have not spoken yet, but Judge already set his mind. I actually felt sorry for him being the judge and not be able to use his Power. You, 60 minute payday however, are doing this pro se for years and still not getting foreclosed.

Right now, the apparent 3 month foreclosure moratoriums and stays of eviction have expired. It appears there has been a brief filing suspension thru August 15 2020. Frauds and work-arounds do appear to benefit certain investors who are now claiming their legal reasons for eviction are NOT BASED ON COVID.

Homeless people camping around corners and vacant stores. Those can be one of us soon if not later- I lived through one of the big epicentres of the last housing meltdown. In reality, people move in with neighbors, friends, family...

Those people you see out on the physical streets, walking around, panhandling, or sleeping outside -- choose to be there. Many of them are in addition, estranged from family -- but the true reality is, they choose to live outside.

The politicians and their soft on 3 month loans no credit check crime attitude, refuse to address the situation, and allow these drug addicts to simply lay outside, have fun, and eventually overdose in a pile of their money loans online same day own filth.

That is the compassionate and progressive way of handling these things. No forced self responsibility, or rehab, just benefits and fun -- all on the taxpayers dime. I am slightly behind in my own rent payments, and am behind in Mortgage Payments on multiple properties. If my management company decides to evict me, instead of working out a arrangement, they can choose to. And I will find a new place to live with friends, or I will leave NY.

OHM, in a nutshell, money loans online same day those who lose housing become dependents on others.

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How far can friends helping friends stretch these existing resources? We have now seen economic collapse based on bank fraud and economic collapse based on pandemic.

Each time this happens, fewer and fewer people are going to retain their resources and have the ability to provide assistance to family and friends.

Also, worth a mention that I have a tenant on my property. He has not stopped paying (restaurant industry but a manager who is not laid off). I would not kick him out if he encountered temporary lost income. He does knows he will not have water and would likely pay something to help maintain the property in a worst case scenario. I think it is important to help people facing unemployment or lost business earnings - and that this helps maintain a basic system of dependencies in our economy - in order to prevent collapse payday money loans online same day loans washington state while we figure out the pandemic and learn to rebuild the need cash now lost resources. I hope this whole mess destroys our current credit reporting system too. SPNB (now BA) AUCTIONED my CA 2-houses on a lot investment in just 6 months.

It seems ppl who have been disadvantaged by life crisis always lose and no true help to EMPOWER to get back up.

The LESSON to this is WE NEED to care and help EMPOWER all HOMEOWNERS to SAVE their HOMES, this TIME, money loans online same day so we can all equally PARTAKE in the ABUNDANCE America allows us, and PREVENT ONLY the RICH Investors, WALL Street Millionaires to TAKE ALL PROFITS for themselves.

I believe this will SOLVE the BIG DISPARITY between the Millionaires and the poor (maybe us when we lost the fight and goes back to renting and start saving CYCLE.......