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I kept getting phone calls from BOA because I was past due, it got to the point where I decided to ignore their phone calls. Then she asked me if I applied for loan modification, I informed her that I had talked to several people and I was told that I do not qualify. Few days later I received the Fed Ex package with the trial starting in September. Do you remember when you submitted the form 4506-T...... I thought I saw on the forum that you must sign it or it will hold everything up. But, the form itself says caution do not sign this if lines 6 and 9 are blank???? For two years I have done the same thing day in and day out and now is the time to STOP, THINK, SHARE AND PLAN on what WE can do TOGETHER TO STOP THIS BS!!! The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

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Please Read our My package came from Home Retention - Texas. I have made my first payment to BAC HOME LOAN SERVICEING LP. I found out from calling 18006696707 that THE HOPE TEAM was the approved lender and that they recived my FE- EX package. History: I Requested help in January 2009 and recieved a reply in April.

Denied for no hardship at this time and because I was current on my payments. In July I Got a second call from my Mortage Servicer at that time BANK OF AMERICA and was denied from Home Retention Dept. But he said he would send my request and hardship letter,docs. I did what most people do I gave up on the idea that there was any help for me, even though I met all the and every single one requirement of the requirments for Help for homeowners found on the fannie mae website. In August I got a call to my suprise from the home retention dept that if I was still inerested in help, so over the phone I gave them my income and guestamated my debts, and said I have to use my saveings in keeping upand I cant save a dime. He enters it on the compuuter and BANG the guy was jubilant and totally suprised that his compuuter came back with I am approved and how can i get a personal loan with bad credit to start my trail period with the new payment of 1870.

But when I asked him if the new payment included my taxes and insurence HE SAID IT DID NOT AND THAT WOULD BE ADDED ON TOP OF THE 1870. ORG, and read somewhere a link to a Barberra Dosier, an executive way up the food chain and I guessed. I e-mail her a complaint that I meet all the requirements for hamp so whats the holdup?. I hear a knock on the door to find a FED EX package and the new payment of 1870. In January I get a call from the Mediator from Home retention dept. She ask me if as a favor I could send her copies of those documents for her records. I get a call latter from her one week latter that she is returning my phone call that I had a question and how could she help? She says I know you have a hamp trial and she has not recived those fe ex copies. I ask her what is her function and porpous as a Mediator and she tells me TO see that it gets impemented. Two or three days past and I find online at BAC that my work out information shows all copie or the fed ex docs I faxed to her showing under the work out link, all the new trail payments showing under the transaction link. The lawyer mention that she may get rid of our 25K second mortgage. I have the same long run around nightmare as the rest of you with BOA. My trial began in June and I met all requirements in the 3 months period. I agreed to risk 3 months payments to this crap shoot- nothing more. I never signed or was notified of an loans instant decision extension and have been fighting with them since. After spending 7 hours reading as much as I can get my hands on at the MHA website regarding Servicer Guidelines, supplemental directives etc. Which I think is online payday loans same day extremely important for anyone with an aging MHA trial mod plan which has not been finalized. They have failed to service my mod according to their servicer agreement. I am notifying them of their violation and I am reporting them to Fannie Mae compliance immediately. I plan on sending this package and copies of documents to support my accusations to everyone I can think of from media outlets, SIGTARP complaint hotline, members of the banking committee, ACORN, Fannie, Freddie MHA Compliance oversight, HUD, Attorney General, White House etc etc etc. They have caused me tremendous financial, physical and psychological suffering with their gross inadequacies. I have pages and pages of proof to substantiate my claim against them and if I can find a way, I am going to sue them for damages.

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If they could pay their TARP money back early so they could give their bonuses out, they could afford to hire more people and live up to their end of the bargain with us, the US taxpayers who bailed them out. I know they will probably squash me like a bug as I will likely have to defend myself in court but if I can become a huge thorn in their side, I will gladly waste my time trying to sue them without a lawyer. Q1222-01 How should small online loans servicers handle situations where an eligible borrower successfully completed the HAMP trial period but has not been loan online converted by the servicer to a permanent modification in a timely fashion? In situations where an eligible borrower successfully completed the trial period (including providing the required documentation and making the required payments) and should have been converted to a permanent modification, but for reasons beyond their control were not timely evaluated for a permanent modification, the servicer must promptly make a determination as to whether the borrower is eligible for a permanent HAMP modification.

In addition, servicers must make permanent HAMP modification offers to eligible borrowers that are identified as currently being in this situation by February 28, 2010. The permanent HAMP modification offered must put the borrower in the same position as he or she would have been had the servicer converted the borrower to a permanent modification in accordance with the program requirements.

A borrower in this situation remains eligible for a permanent HAMP modification regardless of whether the borrower online loans no credit check direct lenders failed to make trial period payments following the successful completion of the trial period. As part of its regular compliance activities, MHA Compliance will test for compliance with this guidance. In addition, MHA Compliance has been conducting, and intends to continue to conduct, focused file reviews on populations of aged trial modifications. In that situation, the borrower must make an additional trial period payment for each extension month by the end of the Trial Period Extension to receive a permanent HAMP modification. I refused to let him off the phone without an answer. It is an aweful game they are playing with consumers. While 4496 dollars is sitting in a partial payment accounting... My aunt recently agreed to HAMP with BOA investor Freddie Mac.

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We attended the NACA workshop in West Palm Friday wherin they told her he first needed to complete the terms for the agreement before she could do a loan online workout through NACA. Yeterday she ws served with paperwork advising they would be auctioning the home.... Since loan online 2007, the LoanSafe pay day cash loans forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. Securitization, coupled with MERS created (in my opinion) a perfect foil for wrongdoing. Listening to members of our congress talking about this, made me realize that NO ONE really undertands any of this stuff--with the exception of the banksters. IN TYPICAL B OF A STYLE, THE ONE GOOD REP I TALKED TO IN 3 YEARS IS GONE!! SOMEONE LEFT A MESSAGE TODAY TO SAY SHE IS MY NEW CONTACT PERSON. SHE HAD THE SAME DISINTERESTED AND BORED TONE IN HER VOICE. IM AUTOMATICALLY PUT TO HER VOICE MAIL WHEN I PUT MY LOAN NUMBER IN. I have no hope that B of A will even consider a loan modification for us. I said, I didnt beleive they would do anything but deep down I cash online loans had hope. THE LAST CONVERSATION WITH THE GOOD REP WAS WHEN SHE CALLED ABOUT EXTENDING THE SALES DATE, AND CONFIRMED MY LOAN MODIFICATION PAPERWORK WAS COMPLETE, REVIEWED BY HER AND THE PROCESSOR AND WAS ON THE WAY TO UNDERWRITING FOR A REQUEST FOR A TRIAL LOAN MOD. I NEVER EVEN REQUESTED ANYTHING IN WRITING FROM HER.

I also beleived that the good rep wanted to tell me somehting about my file, it was in the way she would exagerate certain words, like BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU, BANK OF AMERICA IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING payday loans online FOR YOU and other key words she would say. I thought that during our first converations, I wanted to know what every happened to my loan modificaiton, she read aloud to me the loan online last notiations was march 2011, they did not receive our paperwork.

I told her that between March and June 2011 I had been working with the CEO office and the last letter from them was JUne 2011, they requested for the 5 time in 3 months additional paperwork for the loan mod.