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She has sent the requested paperwork in to this agent as well as Aurora and her new correct apparaisal is ordered and the company who actually owns her loan, which looks like it is Fannir Mae, is co-operating. Her loan has been sold at least four times in the last year since she signed this terribly predatory loan. Her process is scheduled to be over with before Christmas. Before this list of 23 pages of H4H agents came out, it was VERY frustrating because most, if not all, FHA dealers are NOT handling the H4H. Only specially trained people are being given the authority by the feds to i need 1000 dollars now payday loans pennsylvania work with these loans. I found the trick is to know EVERYTHING you possibly can know about your own situation, the neighborhood, everything you can loan express read about this program and THEN watch the news. Every day there are bits and pieces of what is coming out like new legislation due in this lame duck congressional session to force companies and banks to co-operate with homeowners. Apparently many Americans recently have decided to do this because the wheels are now moving toward help for all of us non-rich tax payers out here. When I unsecured personal loans florida hear this complaint, my first reaction is, When was the last time you contacted your representatives?

This is like writing a letter to God asking for anything HE thinks you need, and never praying for it and committing to do your part to get ready to accept the blessing. Before anyone gets the wrong impression here, I am NOT in the business of banking, or real estate. I have been known to low monthly payment loans not take no as an answer for ANYTHING in my life. It is my businees and passion to help people find answers to their problems.... The emotions and frustrations expressed come from the same part of our collective psyche that abuse victims have expressed. Many have been finanically and emotionally abused over these mortgages and threats to their living standard. The lies that were referred to in previous postings are not lies on loan express my part and are not lies with the feds either. It has taken time for everyone involved to actually get to know one another.... Even congress is beginning to realize just how amuk things have gotten whithout proper oversight and trusting that everyone was going to be doing the right thing when it has not been the case....

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There is hope and I feel in my being that things are going to be moving faster as time goes on. Just be willing to make this a full time job for yourselves and your loved ones. Ask Cat and Moe and I can certainly testify to this fact too. As far as research goes, I have been researching and calling about this program since the first day I heard about it (about two or three months prior to the Oct 1 roll out). I was on the phone to Aurora at 5 am (west coast time) on Oct 1, they told me they had no details. I called them back at 10 am, and the next day, then about once a week ever since. The lenders I contacted off of the FHA list (I found it the first day it was up) have led me on (took my loan paperwork and then never returned my calls or email), or told me they have no investors interested in the loan. The Investor who would invest in the new loan payday loans akron ohio are not interested in these loans? Seems odd to me, if you fit the criteria private personal loan lenders and ratios, it should be a good note to invest in? So I am finaly glad to hear this is moving forward for someone. What did they need to send to Aurora, I thought that the company presenting the H4H loan would have done this? Had they previously tried for a loan mod directly with Aurora, or is this the first try?

This entire process has been frustrating to me, and I am much like you, not taking no for an answer. All I can do is tell you what has worked for myself and my extended family. First, it is up to congressmen and women to be made aware when legislation they passed is NOT being carried through in the intent that it was passed.... This is why they have been called to this lame duck session to correct or force the intent of the bailout with new legislation. Now for research , yes, I called and e-mailed and listened to the news reports prior to Oct 1 also. I learned a great deal from guaranteed approval personal loans for bad credit the NO answers I was getting. It is NOT necessarily FHA leanders who are getting involved here. They are handling different states or sections of the country more as a speciality rather than all FHA lenders doing it.

No, the guidelines were not available until just recently... Everyone is flying by the seat of their collective pants on the hill, the same as all of us are too. The loan had been sold at least four times and maybe more and we suspect it ended up with Fannie Mae which of course is the Feds now. This has apparently ended up a Fed bailout and the Feds are the owners in this case. As with anything else and anyone else, come companies will respond and others will not.... Refer to the aforementioned lame duck session for legislation. Fortunately again, the H4H people for my cousin have responded and quite rapidly as well.... The same docs were needed at both H4H and Aurora... The apraisal is about 50-60 thousand dollars over valued by the Aurora apraiser according to apraisals in the neighborhood at new payday loan companies the same time and now too. The whole thing was the back alley things movies are made of. My cousin has stayed proactive in this case by personally sending the paperwork to both agenices and therefore she retains the very same records in the very same order with papers numbered and the last four digits of her SS number on each of them along with her name..... She also has the fax receipt for both sets of papers to each company with dates, times ect. She has kept a phone and fax record for all direct lenders for payday loans of these transactions and INFORMED both ends that she was mistakenly taken in once but she is very much informed and on top of things now.

She also now knows her legal rights with Aurora and she has let THEM know that as well. Like I have stated before in another posting, Aurora asked her, How many times are you willing to tell your story? Her answer was, As many times and to whomever I need to until this is resolved, to her satisfaction. These employees can lose their jobs through layoffs and some have already been annouced through the news media in various organizations. They are facing uncertainity the same as those out here are. Respect and lack of emotionalism is what is needed.

I realize this is difficult to do when those out here on this end are so threatened with winter and the holiday seasons with all of their expectations coming too as well as a roof over your head.

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I know it may seem far fetched by I treated our own Mod as a game of Clue. I had the paperwork into Citi before I found this website.

When I got the right number from here, everything was done with the Mod deal in four days. Jennifer even called us back to give us a heads up on the escrow check that we received yesterday and will be asked for it back in January with our first Mod payment. If I have missed an answer to your questions about the experience that my extended family is having, please let me know. I am loan express only a home owner with other professions like yourselves. My only goal to encourage you to keep your heads up high and no that you are not alone. I really admire those who are here to share their stories and support one another. We live in America and things do indeed work here.... I am just trying to clarify some points that I understood differently from my research.

They are handling different states or sections of the country more as a speciality rather than all FHA lenders doing it. Contact your existing lender or another FHA-approved lender to see if they are participating in the H4H program. Like all FHA programs, you can only apply through a participating lender. You may also wish to contact a HUD-approved housing counselor to learn more about your options. HOPE for Homeowners is a voluntary program loan express for both borrowers and existing lenders. In order to complete a HOPE for Homeowners loan, however, your lender must agree to accept the proceeds of the new loan as payment in loan express full. For a list of participating lenders and counselors please go to www. Right, not all FHA lenders are participating in the program, but they do have to be FHA approved lenders.

The lenders I have talked to are off of that 23 page list, and they are not able to currently able to complete the H4H loan (even if they may want to).