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In 2013 SLS filed court papers against me for payment. So it seems to have activated things again when the payment mistake happened.

Have you pulled your credit recently loan apply online to see the status of the 2nd lien? Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save payday loans with monthly payments their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

I am perhaps one of the strangest cases here -or at least so I think. During our marriage, my ex-wife and I had bought two houses and at divorce time we spit it down the middle. By divorce decree, that she now wields like some sort of payday loans vancouver wa prize, she was awarded the home that is now under a very real online payday cash advance possibility of foreclosing. This home, mind you, is under my name as well as the loan... Our decree stated that she needed to refi the home under her name in June 2006 and she did not. I, in my very finite wisdom, let that go since she was making the payments and seemed she was not going to have any problems. She even bought other properties and moved out of the loan apply online house.

Unfortunately, she lost her job and now cannot make payments on the house. I have been making the payments for 6 months and now all my savings are gone, loan apply online my online loans bc ex is unwilling to help and is essentially blackmailing me with that piece of paper... The home is already two months late and Ocwen customer service is so useless I am not sure what to do. They patch you call to India and it is virtually impossible to speak with a person responsible for anything.

It is very difficult to explain this situation to a person that truly does not empathize at all. I wanted to stop in say hello and assure you, you are not alone.

In the interim please hang in there and know that we are here for you.

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The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect payday installment loans to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Please Read our My husband is pretty much in the same situation. The house he has with the ex is in his name only... The payment is now a little over 1200 a month now and last month she paid 958 and she is 1200 behind in her escrow account... Its all a game with quick cash advance her, she clearly gets enough money to pay the payment. Once he remarried the chit hit the fan and the games began. We have spoke to an attorney and he said the best thing to do is let it foreclose because there is no judge that is going to kick a mother and her kids (whom are all teenagers) out on the street... Good luck to you and really try to not let her run your life....

Let her have the house and turn your back on what happens. In my payday loans ogden utah friends case his ex was also irresponsible and let the house go and though a blow to him because he ries to be on the ball, it was a relief to him to let her sink. My ex let the hose the court gave her go into foreclosure 18 years ago and filed bankruptcy.

I was happy to see that the house she owned in Desert Hot Springs with cash advance online direct lenders only her new husband has also foreclosed recently. Anyway let the house go and wait for the next twist without that strain. Amazingly my ex wife and house are also in AZ and, you are right, it is about revenge, hatred and money. Anyone can understand a hardship situation and I was willing to help so we started a process to try and refinance, here is what happened: 0. She tells me she is going to Re-Fi and I ask for a fixed 30-year loan because things cannot go that way forever and we needed to protect ourselves.

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She tells me to shove the crystal ball and that variable is better payment and we proceed to fight for months (4) I finally caved. She also pushes me to buy more investment properties, I tell her it is reckless to get into this kind of debt and I say no, final answer. She complains, I proceed to remind her of the crystal ball and crow at the fact that I was right. Here is when things start going south on the payday loans for bad credit online industry. After a while no payment is made and I have to step in. My credit is now showing 2 late payments and a collections from a leased vehicle 1000 cash loan that she returned and did not pay so I cannot get the same offer again but the offer from CW is still open. I told her to stop doing drugs even the supreme court would be confused. She claims he has not paid rent and that he vanished. I had to now make the full payments and the house was 15 days away from foreclosure procedures. He just says one day they will see her for what she is......

I am not sure if this is possible but I am hearing this more and more. I have already successfully managed to get the loan modified by Ocwen in a incredible process that was as painful as most of you already know.

From the customer service calls in India to the losing of docs to redoing everything twice to the cursory denial to the please help begging sessions to the modification that was more a joke than anything else. As far as loan apply online I know that home is not upside down yet so it should not be a loan apply online short sale, is a buy back the same as a deed in lieu of? The ex has qualified for a loan modification but it has to have my signature to go through.

There was never an actual date in which the ex had to refinance and have the house out of my name. I have spoken with my attorney on this matter and he payday loans nj has stated that we can file a contempt of court for the mortgage. The ex has decided to wait until the last moment to spring this on me. I suppose in hopes that he will bait or bully me into signing to cover his ass.

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However, I cannot afford to bail him out and have him in this same situation before he is able to refinance in 12 to 15 months.

So, if you can share what has happened to you that would be GREAT. I have exactly 3 days to make the decision on what to do. My story is similar to yours except the tables are turned. My Ex decided to bail out of the marriage, and he depleted my credit cards. Since I have three kids I started my quest to save my home going on almost 2 years.

I told BOFA I was divorced they asked for a Divorce Decree,Quit Claim Deed, Income etc.

But when I opened the Remodification it had both our names on it! I thought it was a mistake being that BOFA asked for the the Documents. I just got promoted at work, so I am able to make the Trial amounts and if that payment becomes Perm. I told my Ex if I lose the house my kids will have to live with him.

He answered If the bank leaves the house at the mod. He has no legal claim to the property not responsible for taxes nothing but the Mortgage.

I have done well to get my credit back to good standing on my own only to have the exhusband decide not to pay the mortgage payments on a house he was awarded at the divorce hearing.

Being that I have never needed a lawyer for anything in my life I had no idea that there were certain things that needed to follow the award of the house.

I wonder if I can force him into selling the house by saving his ass on a foreclosure and sign the modification paperwork? I can sign the paperwork, bail the ex out and hope to hell that he pays every month, on time and that a bank will pick him up in 12 months to refinance in his name. Either sign and pray he doesnt default or let it go into foreclosure. Will his credit be good in 12 months that he will be able to Refinance?