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I produced the letter stating clearly that we have decided to not put any funds towards the house in the form of a settlement, closing cost or a promissory note. If that was required, then we would allow the home to go to foreclosure. To make it weirder, GreenTree has patiently waited in the wings for their 6k from BOA to settle this thing. So I have to ask this to all you fine folks following this thread that have completed a short sale....

Or if you are in process, have you be required to bring cash to close? That is simply the lender trying to recoup everything they possibly can. Yes, they will try anything to squeeze any last bit of cash out of the borrowers. We are committed to not putting any additional cash towards the house. My agent has forwarded on our letter to this affect to BOA who has delivered it to Fannie Mae. The unofficial word is that they are hopeful this will move forward. That was the latest word from my real estate agent yesterday. Ironically, this has been my only stance from the beginning of this short sale process.

Apparently this line in the sand is not negotiable. I find their approach very interesting because we have never even considered negotiating. I told my agent that regrettably, I consider small payday loans for bad credit this process over and we have walked away from the table. He is trying to convince us to proceed, but our mind was made up 3 years ago when we started this journey.... The fact of the matter is that it makes perfect sense for us to back away and allow foreclosure to proceed. It makes absolutely no financial sense for Fannie Mae or BOA to not do the short sale even with zero contribution from us. If it goes to foreclosure, their costs are higher and the lost revenue potential is extended for them by another 6-12 months. Besides, doing nothing and letting it foreclose costs me nothing. I just wanted to chime in to say thanks for posting all this. We had considered going down this path in 2015 since there has been zero movement on the foreclosure and we are sick of the waiting game and also for some other reasons. I read through the FM documentation about their new policies and that we would qualify without hardship etc and that was very appealing. But then reading through the promissory note and contribution sections it really looked like they were aiming to get some cheap personal loans money out of the deal.

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So it is interesting to see how that is absolutely true with your interactions with them. We may still go down this path in the next couple months. So it is really nice to know how you got them down to 7k. Honestly, I think in our situation we would probably take that deal. I ask because that is one of my fears as another board member here in WA state recently is being subjected to that course of action. No, there have been no threats by either BOA or GT.

They would still just get the home back and the process would cost them more. Yeah it turns out that her situation is unique for Judicial and it would likely not apply to you. Up, down, sideways, diagonal goes the frantic rollercoaster of my walk. In the meantime, BOA is trying desperately with my agent to get Fannie Mae to move it forward without our contribution.

BOA discloses that my loan was selected along with many others nationwide by Fannie Mae as part of a pilot program.

Now this otherwise illogical process, begins to make more sense.... So the BOA rep has now requested that Fannie Mae allow BOA to take the file over and move it forward without any contribution from us. This request has apparently gone to Fannie Mae in the form of a detailed hand crafted email from the BOA short sale rep. It furthers my absolute resolve to not even cough up a single penny toward closing this deal.

I would also encourage any of you out there that are considering a short sale or in the process....

Its clear to me that it is far better for them to close the short sale than to let if foreclose. Holding a cash contribution requirement over the borrowers head to get it done is just wrong! Fannie Mae tops the list of bailout dollars received. So I ask you, from whence did the bailout come and to where did it go? That is taxpayer dollars that WE , YOU and ME lent them (aka gave payday loans in illinois them) and will never get back. Oh sure, some will pay it back in part quick fast loans or full, but its not like we are getting a bailout.

So when my financial back is broke, maybe they show me a little love?

While borrowers ask for a little mercy, they get a sucker punch to the gut, then while hunched over, they get a knee to the face.... Well, we got the official word from Fannie Mae via my agent, then the official letter from BOA bad credit loans no fees no guarantor no broker that the short sale was canceled.

The reason for the cancelation was that the seller failed to contribute. So, we are going around on the Short Sale Elliptical Trainer at least one more time. Also, they miss yet another 4-5 months of house payments while I collect rent. I noticed that they recorded two (2) Discontinuances of Trustee Sales documents. There was a sale pending from Jan 2014 and April 2014 and I never saw official discontinuances until over a year online instant loans same day later. Anyway, the discontinuances just recorded beginning of this month, Mar 2015. We are officially underway with our second attempt. You might ask yourself why are you doing this SDinWA? Well, apart from the obvious, I collect more rent, there is an interesting twist in this attempt.

My real estate agent shared that my file has moved to an entirely different group. In fact, its now being handled by an in-house BOA short sale rep vs. Also, fast cash loans with no credit check previously, the file ended up with Fannie Mae. My hope now is that it stays with BOA the entire time, which would maximize our odds of getting it approved 2000 loan with bad credit without any cash from us. A new NOTS was posted to the house a couple days ago for July. Another wrinkle urgent cash advance is that we received a letter from BOA stating that the loan servicing was sold or transferred to Seterus, Inc. It will be interesting to see how this affects the short sale process.

According to my real estate agent, this could set the short sale back a few months. Well, more twists, turns and undulations yesterday. At first, my agent said it was looking grim for getting a short sale done with Seterus and we would need to wait until May before Seterus would even start officially servicing the loan, with the impending trustee sale set for July.

He was instructed to resubmit all our new paperwork then resubmit all necessary documents to HomePath.

We could still get this done yet before its transferred!

Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. DIL was approved but lender wanted 73,000 from us payable over 10 years interest-free. We countered with 20k cash but wanted the 10k when we moved fast cash loans with no credit check out.

We are waiting currently on the Deed in Lease decision to stay here 90 days. We have another house to move to asap but my question is: Now that the bank has all of our financials from applying for the DIL how likely will they come after us fast cash loans with no credit check for the 120k?

Does anyone have any experience with bank coming after the homeowner for judgment? Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. It seems that BoA transfers to Seterus when they suspect a foreclosure is the eventual end-game.

Although it is interesting that you got your NOTS already. My guess is that the 1st SS fell through so they just put it back in the foreclosure hopper at BOA and the NOTS was kicked off again. There is still a hope that this can get approved before the transfer officially occurs. We almost snuck in the SS under the wire, but there was a minor technicality that held it up, so the transfer went through. I think most of the paperwork will transfer, but we had to fill out a new 3rd Party Authorization form for Seterus so that our real estate agent is clear to negotiate with them. We fast cash loans with no credit check are hopeful that the SS will go through this time. This time, we would be happy to get the deal done if we can get them to waive our contribution or significantly reduce it. Ultimately, it will all end up back on the desk of a cash advance support com Fannie Mae negotiator (aka, the closer ). It had been kind of quiet until I heard from my agent late last week.

It looks like my short sale file is back into HomePath system and into the hands of the Fannie Mae negotiator.

Sounds like the appraisal, valuation are completed. Now its a matter of them determining what my eligibility is (aka, its time to negotiate).