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Chase is without a doubt the worst excuse for a company I have ever seen.

These people are robbing Americans of their home by denying them what they promise and say they are going to top payday loan companies do. I was approved for a pretrial payment in July 2009 for three months and ended up making payments until June 2010 when I finally received the final loan modification documents. I returned the paperwork in July and after it was lost for nearly 3 weeks they located it. I made my first payment on August 1st of the new loan via EFT through my bank and the money was returned to my account a week later. I sent the payment via Western Union then a few days later got a call requesting a divorce decree. On September 1st I started receiving outside foreclosure solicitations.

She said my file was closed and I had to start all over. In the meantime, I got a notice on my door that my house will be sold on December 21st. I faxed my paper works twice this morning and got No response receipt.

Hi Folks, Just another story to add the the familar stories already posted. They said we got lost in the transition of new guidelines. At 9 months they asked for all the paperwork again, but to keep making the original trial payments that were only supposed to be for 3 months. Underwriting got complete paperwork October 12, 2010 and as of today, no word back from them..... After two long years, Chase finally approved me for a permanent modification. I received and sent off the new revised documents and I actually just made my first actual mortgage payment. I wish all of you the best of luck and I hope all of you get your cases approved. If you decide to let go--you can and will buy a house again. Keep in mind this housing crisis will never happen again in our lifetime. Buying the next time will be at the bottom of the market and perhaps more strategically planned on your part. Remember--the key to our economic recovery is employment and the housing market. Please call HOPE a non-profit and they will review your case and advise you. Call as soon as you can 888-995-4673, they mediate on your behalf with the bank. It is without a doubt the most exhausting and frustrating process I have ever seen. If I could have been paid even minimum wage for the time I have spent, I would have made 6 digits this past year.

Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

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I joined this site today and found it very helpful. I was thnking if we could sticky this post and payday loans in one hour have everyones status.

I thought it would be more helpful and easier to find out how everyone is doing. People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute - Rebecca West 11 months, hundreds of hours, and just got the trial fixed rate loan approval. Needed ez payday loan a few numbers tweaked in the loan mod, then Chase sold it with no notice to either NACA or me. I have been told that my file has been with underwriting for almost two months. I follow up at the given intervals and have a strong feeling they are giving me the run around. Now they are telling me they want a quit claim deed from my ex and copies of his lease! Last conversation with them is I should be happy if no news is good news since I am still in review.

I was told by two different people at Chase that if you personal installment loans bad credit are a 1099 employee and do not have withholding taxes taken out of your pay, they times onlineloans your annual earnings by 1. But once I included the taxes in my expenses, it became harder to get progress reports from them by telephone and now months have passed. Re-applied in late October and received approval for a HAMP trial modification in November (friday the 13th! Made my first trial payment yesterday for my December 1 payment. I was told by two different people at Chase that if you are a bad credit payday lenders 1099 employee and do not have withholding taxes taken out of your pay, they times your annual earnings by 1. If only net income is available, the servicer must multiply the ez payday loan net income amount by 1. No taxes have reduced the net so is the same as gross.... Unlike an employee where employer pays for office rent, supplies, postage etc as self employed you pay it so your net is the equivalent of an employees gross. In fact, I spent last night reading every single message regarding Chase to see if I missed anything -- and at least two group members flatly stated that Chase does not modify mortgages for those who have equity in their homes. I called on numerous occasions on that date and after asking for updates on my status -- nobody but nobody gave me any inkling that I had been turned down. They were the ones who told me the reason for the turn-down ez payday loan was equity. And unfortunately, the Chase Executive Team that has been so helpful to so many here cannot be of help to me, because they only work on Chase-originated loans (mine is WaMu).

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However -- this same person from the Executive Team tells me that in-house, they use the same criteria as Making Home Affordable when it comes to the amount of equity you may have in order to be considered for relief. He has referred my case to a different executive team that does handle WaMu loans -- and told me that I should hear from somebody there on Monday or Tuesday who will act as liason between me and the negotiator. Have first and second mortgage with Chase and its a rental. Since March, my file has been transferred to different units and I have been requested to re-submit my package THREE times - all the while they were informed that this was an investment property. I submitted a complete package as requested (by fax as well as express mail) approximately the last week of October. To date, Chase has received over 300 pages of documentation from me. I asked her if she recognized the telephone number I recited to her, and if she could transfer me to the department that was assigned to the telephone number, after listening to the telephone number that I recited, she informed me that she did not recognize the number and no such number was listed on her roster. I informed her that I found this hard to believe because this was the number she was calling me from! When I called to find out what was going on, everybody left for the holiday, office closed and no way to leave a message. By the way my loan was WAMU now CHASE and the investor is DEUTSCHE BANK.

I live on a day to day basis thinking all day when we will have to move and where we would go. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

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I think there are alot of us out there who have some need money quick good evidence against Chase. Now, if only we could get some Chase employees willing to spill the beans. Maybe I will be able to get your email address or phone number......

I started my request for a loan modification in January 2009 after my husband was laid off and we were only 2 months behind. They started me on a trial loan mod for 3 months with reduced payments about May 2009 and I have made a payment every month since but they then denied me and now are saying we are several months behind since they consider that the modified payments we were making as partial payments.

We complied with everything and started this new payment in July 2010. Today I was told that I was denied and the paperwork from 5000 loans June is no longer valid. Chase is horrible and they leave me crying most of the time because they are cruel to play with peoples lives and homes the way that they have been. They say they want you to keep your home, but that is B. I owe less than half of what my house is worth and they will make a nice profit foreclosing on my house and turning it over and selling it again. I will follow up with the attorney listed and would be willing to join any type of joint effort to expose this loan modification scam.

I am quick online loan christmas loan speaking with an Attorney now regarding the run a money lending round from Chase as I believe judges are starting to turn towards the Homeowner vs. There is contract law here and I respect that but Chase should be held accountable for bad business practices: I was working with Chase for over a year, called as soon as I ran into problems, first advise they could not help unless I was deliquent. Denied a mod 1st for too much debt, filed BK to remove the debt. I respected this and my home was scheduled to go to Auction.

Packed it up, sold belongings as I was going to have to downsize.