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Check out all your neighbors mortgages info on your Registry of Deeds website. I have discovered this past week, that if you are serious about saving your home, then you need to be on some of these other sites out there that have attorneys and experts in foreclosure defense commenting and bringing the community up to date about what is going on, and what defenses are working... I am a bit frustrated that this forum is having us all advise each other, when we have no experience doing such, and there are other sites out there consumer payday loans that are educating consumers on what their rights are, and what resources are available to save consumer payday loans their homes....

I have learned more from those other sites this past week, than I have learned from this forum in the past 8 months... I believe that the best use of your information that you have gathered is to present it to a court, and get the judge to order the other party to show a legal chain of title and standing.... After all my wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was contacted on Friday by both my FreddieMac guy, AND the new person to whom I am supposed to send my new application.

The new HAMP application contains an agreement that I will accept the modification that is offered. That payday loans harlingen tx makes it sound really non-negotiable, because it is coupled with another statement that the loan is not modified until the trial payments are complete, and the counter-signed docs are received. Isisis, you are right to be worried and frustrated about this. Well, if things go really south Isiss, we can all come camp out at your house and have a bagel party! Stephanie, you are absolutely right about the other sites...

One of the most important pieces of information is John Stuart, who says to toss out everything you think you know about this. This is a different bank than we grew up with, and certainly different than just recently when we signed those original deeds of trust. Freedomwon, it seems in Oregon that there is a payday loans newport news va one year period of waiting to allow any parties to come forward after one files a Quiet Title. Most of the cases are from the turn of the century, and it was originally to take care of mining claims, grazing rights, etc. The good thing safe loans is, though, that in a non-judicial state, it does put things into the court system.

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So far, there is no need to have an action from the ohio cash advance other side, and I have not yet come across the requirement to post the money upfront for what is owed on the note. I value your insight and I am likely to end up in court. I do spend time on other sites - most often Living Lies but your input explained why this is my favorite site because I felt like you told me that because you cared and that was really nice. Sometimes awful things have to happen so that we exercise the muscles of democracy..

It forces us to become involved in government and in keeping justice real. Who consumer payday loans is more equipped than homeowners to understand the importance of fairness and equity? My own fears of homelessness were dwarfed by the sacrifices I saw the people of Egypt make in their ongoing struggle. Then I was wonderfully surprised to see our often self-indulgent culture recognizing the power of our right to protest and oppose injustice and their willingness to suffer for that essential aspect of representative government. I believe it should be free As for the location of the information, yes, much of it would be within Bofa where it could only be brought to light by hackers (Julian Assange where are you? Neil Garfield has an interesting perspective on our relationship to the investor. Just now I was talking with a forensic expert who works with Garfield and he said they think the pools never made it into the trusts at all. They are supposed to be just rules, but are often used to kick non-lawyers out of court for violating them. Those rules cut to the chase about just what you have to do in each type of claim. It may be worth asking a legal aid attorney about them. For nothing more than the cost of a lunch, you can get a lot of good procedural information. Goddess knows how we would ever have time to do it, but Freedomwon, you are already a great researcher and have a gold mine of information. Have you shopped it to any Law Firms who would take your securitization fraud case on a contingency basis? And it seems to me that CA is a goldmine of similarly situated plaintiffs. One good win is all they need to create a full -employment- for- the- firm plan. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

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I payday lenders online used that term recently in a forum to describe the eagerness with which I would be handing out modifications to vocal individuals who get it if I were a bank that had made a gazillion dollars double dipping in securities fraud, credit default swaps and fraudulent assignments and wished to continue to do so. It would seem a thrifty form of insurance as a happy homeowner with moderate payments is far less likely to dig deeper, engage in conversations about fraud that in this new world of communication spread and might even grow to the point there could be consequences for greed. A few QWR, Civil Code and RESPA violations later no modification, a sale date and finally a preventative BK. Knowing the terms of the BK were economically prohibitive installment loans in florida even if I cut out luxuries like heating my home this winter and inspired by the stories of others fighting back I went into battle mode and became vocal on this forum and elsewhere. I submitted complaints to the OCC and Attorney General, faxed the CEO and direct deposit loan OOP with my concerns. I then began investigating the loan trust into which my loan could only have been placed by magic or unlawful means and county records where there is evidence of notary fraud voiding the foreclosure initiation. As expected my attorney bailed on me after I told fast approval loans him I wanted to file Bofa as an insecured creditor as they had consumer payday loans no standing to foreclose and the chain of title was broken. He completely side stepped the consumer payday loans evidence of fraud and brought paperwork to court to sign me over as pro se. Just a few hours later after getting a continuance on the confirmation of the BK plan to gain more investigative time a Mercedes pulled into my driveway. She might as well have been carrying a sign that said short sale. So, I called Bofa and Maurice told me they have a trial modification ready for me. Two hours after getting a continuance to investigate the evidence of notary fraud found at the recorders office three days earlier and numerous posts and google searches inquiring into CWAB 2006 SD2 I get a personal visit to let me know about a modification? Sevillano notary fraud or CWABS 2006 SD2 hundreds of times is an incantation that results in a Mercedes delivered modification.

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I want to encourage people not to give up even if it looks bleak. Some things in life are coincidence while others simply are not. The how to get a money loan timing of the Mercedes pulling up into your driveway is no accident.

It will be interesting to see if you get any sort of loan mod that actually makes good financial sense.

The Mercedes in the driveway is just too precious - and a very striking image. I envision the counters at the bottom of the screen spinning like the wheels on a one-arm bandit. The Risk Management team has not only dropped the ball, they have accidentally kicked it into the opposing goal. It might be that the fraud and incompetence is just too vast to overcome easily. It would be in their best interests to grant her not a golden parachute, but a platinum orbiter. I hope she leaves the dark side and blows that whistle long and loud! Attorneys bail on their clients because taking on BofA or any big Bank is an office-closing proposition. Just think of all the people who find this Forum, see the similarities in their stories, and join up and in with their own ideas! This is empowerment, and results in a true force to contend with. Finally, maybe it is also part of that whole karma thing. You have been helping other people with your story, and been generous in sharing your research and expertise. You never know how or why that might inure to your benefit. As it turns out the keyword is distraction not modification.

Then we are supposed to go hat in hand and ask these criminals if they would please allow is to have low enough mortgages payments so we can afford to feed our families. The question that I keep wondering is how most effectively to use evidence of their various unlawful actions to negotiate consumer payday loans a modification. There is so much wisdom from the postings of this group. I saw the film Meltdown, produced by Aljzeera and shown on Canadian BBC.

It was physically hard to watch footage of the CEOs in their meetings, but it gave a panoramic view of the financial crisis.