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We figured we could refinance in 2 years and everything would be ok. I am hearing we have 5 years in CA and then I hear 1 year. I have had perfect credit until now, but come Tuesday I will now be instant cash loans today 30 days late on the mortgage.

I live in CA and purchased my home 3 years and 1 mo ago. I received a modification on my mortgage in January and the terms were brought back to the original rate and a 30 year fixed. I have an attorney and I will meet with him this week but I am very confused. When fast loans we received the application and the terms of the loan - it was supposed to be a 40 year fixed with a baloon in 30 years. The day the loan documents were signed a notary brought them to us and the loan we signed for was an ARM and not what my other paperwork said we would get. WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED OR TOLD OF THE CHANGE BEFORE THIS TIME. These cheap loan abuses were cited by attorneys general and other officials from 49 states in a settlement with mortgage giant Ameriquest earlier this year. Bait-and-switch tactics are alleged in class actions, including one against Wells Fargo, which advocates say has prompted changes in company policy.

But with thousands of lawsuits filed on behalf of subprime borrowers across the country, many consumer advocates are calling for government regulation of the subprime industry. The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) sets out detailed disclosure requirements that govern virtually all consumer credit transactions, with the goal of promoting informed consumer choice.

The Real Estate Settlement Practices Act (RESPA)6 dictates procedures and forms for residential real estate closings to make clear to borrowers the true costs of buying and refinancing. Clearly, Congress had the bait-and switch problem on its mind. However, neither law has prevented problems or provided much relief for unsuspecting and unsophisticated consumers TILA requires a good faith estimate of its required disclosures, including annual percentage rate, finance charges, payments schedule, and more, also within three business days of submission of a mortgage loan application.

However, the requirement applies only to purchase money mortgages.

Refinances, where online payday loan many of the worst practices appear, are not covered. At closing, subprime borrowers are often presented with terms that do not match those previously offered, and then pressured into signing documents they have not had time to review.

Be honest and up front with him about your income and other expenses. You may file a complaint against your lender to your State Attorney General, if you are in California, he is Attorney General Edmund Brown, search the web, they have forms to file complaint online. This usually means anything having to do with the price.

Will you go through the contract with me before signing? This should be the person who handled your file along the way.

My mortgage servicer is ASC, owned by Wells Fargo, they are my 3rd mortgage company. I also wonder how many original documents they have, if any. I know that the original mortgage company is out of business and the broker filed bankruptcy in May of this year. It was all a sham and I am getting burned in cash cheap loan advance store the end. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. Primequity was most likely a pass through amalgamizer.... This is a wholesale house with correspondent relationships... The problem is Primequity is a pass through shell for the loans to the ultimate investor... The only way I know to make a QWR stick is to use the old USPS method and send it certified, return receipt requested and if they do not respond pre approved personal loans within the alloted period of time turn their happy selves into HUD and FTC. The FBI will do what they can, but their investigations are often problematic as they only deal with the really, really big numbers. The Secret Service and the Treasury Boys do the other stuff. Well my experience with the Secret cheap loan Service was when the Treasury Boys got overwhelmed and they had to call in help. If the numbers warrant it the FBI will go for the throat. Like I said, I do not know the Bank payday loan in las vegas Fraud model for review and analysis, and can not speak to their work and the viability of it. I would suspect that they should know what they are doing, but.... I trust my own work, healthy professional skepticism, I have a really bad case of it after all of these years. Looked the beggers up and yes they still have a web site and yes they still appear to be alive and well and kicking.... They may have closed that division, as it was full of you guessed it fraud.... These guys appear to be direct lenders only, who I am sure sell out the backside to the big guys.

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The ink is not dry on the closing and the loan is sold kind of stuff. Since suit has already been filed, can I send the QWR anyway? They have threatened me the appraisal was coming in too low, I have a letter from the broker loan usa to the State during their investigation confirming it was too low. By the way, appraiser worked out of same office as broker. Then Primequity decided to give me the ARM loan from hell as opposed to the fixed rate applied for and which we qualified for. They did it to put in their files to make it look like we applied for this long term loans for bad credit direct lenders horrendous loan.

I think they all conspired to defraud us, they all knew the home was worth way less than even the mortgage amount and I am not going to stop fighting them. These are bad people, I am one of thousands they hosed and unless people fight back, they will get away with ripping people off. Yeah Poppy they are just sitting there waiting to screw people and sell the loans to wonderful lender like, say, HSBC. I only had the loan with them 3 months but the damage was done. But these evil people are gonna get it, as will the appraiser, for what they did to us. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lazy attorneys out there (I work for one - he is a transactional atty. With out reviewing docs, and I know this due to other situations, the problems are most probably a combination of Fraud and Sloppiness, HSBC is a problem.

It is no surprise to me that the data on the Appraisal was altered, however, no two appraisers really get exactly the same thing on measurements of other than a rectangle.

Anything over 100 I get real testy, order a loans 500 complete field review. The problem you had was greed, pure cheap loan and simple greed and due to that I have to question how it was presented to the lender by the Broker, I have seen so much fraud that was very skillfully done that I can not fault the lender for not catching it, some of it so damn obvious that the lender is either blind or a crook too. The lenders were greedy as well, witness my fired comment. I did cheap loan not get along with the fraud attitude that was so prevalent for so long, so I did not stay at some places to long.... I often fired myself, leaving mid day in total disgust. It is all a matter of how the whole picture presents itself, as I am fond of saying paper, give me the paper and let me touch it so that I can ascertain what is real and what is not real. After some time in the business I can kind of tell what they were up to, and what their little pea sized brains were focusing on.

All of it coexisted in the industry for a long time and still does, sadly. I know square footage can be off somewhat, but 228 sq, ft.? Here is what happened: The appraisal was coming in too low, the letter from the broker to the State confirms that and she mentions the loan was impossible due to the low appraisal.

This explains the broker not answering the lawsuit the appraiser calling me and threatening me and the lender doing the same. The loan went through when they switched to the ARM loan and at that point, most likely had the appraiser adjust the appraisal. I am one of the folks who did NOT apply for this type of loan, I was victimized by the broker, lender and appraiser and hopefully, I can beat them up and get some money from them before they all are out of business. It really looks like you need a real document review and an attorney that know what they are doing. I think between Poppy and I, we have given you as much as we can give as far as advice and now either you need to take it to the next level. The loan document review service is through Marshall and Poppy will review for him.

Then you can see where to go form there based on a professional full audit.

I say this with full confidence based on what you have mentioned in your posts and it would be hard to help any further without actually having the physical loan documents. The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. Can you have one of them get in touch with me so I can send to appropriate parties?

Bank Fraud Victim Center now wants to charge a ridiculous amount. I will pay whoever for an audit, cheap loan just want it done by competent professionals, not scam artists. The comments by me and the materials available cheap loan at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.