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In order for anything to change in terms of reporting a BK dismissed before confirmation, it needs a change in legislation.

But many creditors probably want to know that a consumer has filed for BK - even it was dismissed. Someone who once considered BK no doubt had some financial issues.

There may not be any authority to report a voluntarily dismissed BK, but do they need authority to report a public record? In order for anything to change in terms of reporting a BK dismissed before confirmation, it needs a change in legislation. But many creditors probably want to know that a consumer has filed for BK - even it was dismissed.

Someone who once considered BK no doubt had some financial issues. This is done via paid business accounts and members which pay for or utilize the services.

Not much different than MERs and their little closed system of members tracking loans pay day loans in pa and ownerships (which may be tainted by design). The BK is usually added only when creditors provide updating with corresponding BK code (happens all at once). This is done personal loans for poor credit not payday loans on discharge after they are sent finalized legal paper. There are strict cash now no credit check quick loans today rules for collections activity and reporting during BK. Consumer advocates that fought for the right to dispute have the process stacked against them. Too many creditors profit from default rate accounting. The where can i get a loan with bad credit Fair Credit Reporting Act and The USC Bankruptcy Code are different controlling chapters of different things. They do not cross over in definitions and meaning, although referencing similar things at times. Creditor must follow BK during BK and as well follow FCRA when dealing with credit reporting. Creditor shall act as if filing is same as adjudication and stop collection activity from date of filing. However, due to the clear misunderstanding of the law as indicated throughout this and many other threads, I feel compelled to speak up.

Except as authorized under subsection (b) of this section, no consumer reporting agency may make any consumer report containing any of the following items of information: 3. What happens after it is filed is of no concern as it relates to whether or not the actual filing may be reported. If a consumer is lucky enough to get the reference removed then such was removed because the reporting agency made a choice to do so.

You are correct that terminology may differ between statutes (the use of the term withdraw for example). You are not correct that bks are reported only upon discharge.

Any consumer reporting agency that furnishes a consumer report that contains information regarding any case involving the consumer that arises under title 11 an identification of the chapter of such title 11 under which such case arises if provided by the source of the information.

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You are correct that terminology may differ between statutes (the use of the term withdraw for example). You are not correct that bks are reported only upon discharge. Your last case reference is to an employment tax lien and the IRS. Different animal and one I would not consider precedent, but sure, banks can find lots of different cases trying to create cause (or defense) that is wholly arguable. For someone planning on an answer, assertion, or defense (in foreclosure), I would recommend including it, because nowadays these cases can last... I was lucky as my basic boilerplate defense included both those items. And as well, always have the updated motion ready to file at same time. They have near-successfully evaded all criminal SOLs on it. I suppose they need maybe another 6 months to a year to cover the 10 yr S limitations they are going by. Your last case reference is to an employment tax lien and the IRS.

Before POSNER, MANION, and HAMILTON, Circuit Judges.

POSNER, Circuit Judge: The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U. The Act cash now no credit check further provides that whenever a consumer reporting agency prepares a consumer report it shall follow reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy of the information concerning the individual about whom the report relates. The plaintiff and her husband (they are now divorced, and he is not participating in this litigation) had filed a petition for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, but later they filed a timely motion in the bankruptcy court to dismiss the petition, and the court granted the motion. The defendant, a consumer credit-reporting agency, receives copies of judgments in bankruptcy cases from Lexis (which in turn retrieves them from PACER -short for Public Access to Court Electronic Records, a service that provides online access to federal court and docket information) and notes them in the credit reports of persons who have filed bankruptcy petitions. In 2012 she told the agency: my bankruptcy was not dismissed. It was cash now no credit check voluntarily withdrawn prior to plan approval. The agency then purged the reference to the bankruptcy from her file, but did so because it would soon be seven years since she had filed her bankruptcy petition and the agency deletes reference to a bankruptcy in a consumer credit report after seven years have elapsed since the petition for bankruptcy was filed.

Her suit charges that by failing to report from the outset (that is, in 2006) that the bankruptcy petition had been voluntarily withdrawn, the agency had willfully violated the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act that we cited earlier. She seeks the damages that the Act provides, in 15 U.

And she seeks to sue on behalf not only of herself but also of all similarly situated persons. But the district court granted summary judgment cash now no credit check in favor of cash advance loans online the credit agency without deciding whether to certify a class. A Lexis representative testified, however, that the variance in bankruptcy docket entries from bankruptcy court to bankruptcy court is so great—and there are 94 bankruptcy courts—that Lexis has been unable to i need a loan with bad credit develop reliable computer algorithms for determining the basis on which a particular bankruptcy case has been dismissed.

What the plaintiff wants would thus require a live human being, with at least a little legal training, to review every bankruptcy dismissal and classify it as either voluntary or involuntary. That approach is not only consistent with but implied by the phrase upon receipt of documentation certifying such withdrawal. We noted at the outset of this opinion that the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires only that the procedures adopted by credit-reporting agencies be reasonable in relation to the goal of accurate credit reporting. The procedure urged by the plaintiff is not reasonable. It would put an enormous burden on the consumer credit-reporting agencies. Every bankruptcy case that is withdrawn at the request of the petitioner is dismissed. The plaintiff does not want that nor has she shown that it would be a feasible task to lay on the consumer credit-reporting agencies. Childress ) brought claims against Experian for alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U. The following material facts are not in dispute and are viewed in light most favorable to Ms. Experian is a credit reporting agency ( CRA ) as defined in the FCRA. As a CRA, Experian collects consumer credit information from various sources, organizes and stores the information, and then makes it available to authorized third parties, such as lenders. One source for information concerning consumers is public records, including court dockets, which can reveal information such as civil judgments, tax liens, and consumer bankruptcies. Experian includes public record bankruptcy information in consumer reports that it furnishes to third parties. Consumer bankruptcy information is publicly available online through the Public Access to Court Electronic cash now no credit check Records system ( PACER ). PACER is operated by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and is cash now no credit check a public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts. Because each court maintains its own database with case information, the format and content of the information on the dockets may differ slightly for each jurisdiction.

In most jurisdictions, the docket also includes links to access all public filings. As a general matter, PACER classifies the current status of a bankruptcy case in one of three ways: filed, dismissed, or discharged. There is no designation cash now no credit check for withdrawn cases, and federal bankruptcy dockets do not use that term as a possible bankruptcy disposition classification. Lexis is an information services company that aggregates certain types of public records into standardized databases, and provides these records to its customers in a standardized format. PACER is the source of all of the consumer bankruptcy information that Lexis collects and provides to Experian. Based upon the information that Lexis collects from loans companies PACER, Experian reports consumer bankruptcies under Chapter 13 for up to seven years after the case is filed. In order to maximize the accuracy of the consumer report, Experian reports the disposition of bankruptcy cases exactly as they are reported by the federal bankruptcy court. Because the public bankruptcy records reflect that cases are dismissed as opposed to withdrawn, and uses the term dismissed in its consumer reporting when the bankruptcy court reports that a petition has been dismissed, whether voluntarily or involuntarily A consumer may dispute information appearing in his or her credit report or consumer disclosure. In accordance with its procedures, Experian reviews every dispute that it receives, then conducts an internal reinvestigation and, if necessary, an external reinvestigation. Experian externally reinvestigates disputed bankruptcy information by contacting Lexis. Occasionally, a consumer sends Experian a dispute requesting that Experian report the status of a dismissed Chapter 13 bankruptcy as withdrawn. If a consumer requests that Experian expunge the reporting of a bankruptcy entirely on the basis of its dismissed status, Experian will inform the consumer that it may properly report the bankruptcy in accordance with the law. Childress (then known as Andrea Holaway) and her then-husband filed a joint voluntary petition for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. The couple was not in financial distress at the time, but filed for bankruptcy because they were erroneously informed that bankruptcy could discharge their student loan debts.