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Also, please note that my attorney will be notifying you as well as Green Tree in the immediate future regarding the laws that they have broken by calling neighbors and former family members regarding my personal affairs. I will also prove that your client intentionally performs acts to confuse and upset mortgagors by practicing illegal business practices according to the FDIC. I will also obtain a Disability attorney who will subpoena mentioned neighbors as well as my physicians and will bad credit personal loan lenders direct obtain affidavits from said persons.

Also, the following attachments from me will be documentation proving that I have been paying my mortgage diligently since Nov 1, 2005 (closed October 17, 2005) to Bank of America AND until your client took over and I was not notified by any party and continued to pay BOA until the account number became obsolete. I will also be making formal complaints bad credit personal loan lenders direct to The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Federal Deposit bad credit personal loan lenders direct Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regarding the consumer protection laws that GTF has broken regarding late mortgage payments as well as GTF unscrupulous business practices that CAUSE the late bad credit personal loan lenders direct charges and emotional stress to mortgagors. My bank loan is with BANK OF AMERICA and GTF is breaching my contract with BOA personal loans ohio by the illegal and unscrupulous business practices performed by representatives and governed by GTF management. Unfortunately, father passed away VERY unexpectedly on October 31, 2011 which strangely enough was the day before they took over the loan. I paid a neighbor to care for my unit, get my mail and take care of rapid advance my dog and fish. We remained there for several weeks and I have been traveling there for extended periods of time throughout the past 17 months and have had limited internet and cell phone service due to the remote area in NY that he retired from Long Island to fifteen years ago.

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They consistently charge us for insurance that we have had through our Master Association since the community established a HOA shortly after I closed on bad credit loan companies my condo. This information was passed on to your client and they continually charge us late fees for insurance and escrow when they are the ones not doing their job duties properly. WE are their CLIENTS and their company has a responsibility to provide good SERVICE TO US. As my documentation will prove, I have been paying your client regularly and their bad accounting is what has created AN ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE which I will also sue them for damaging my credit rating and causing further stress and illness to me because of their illegal business practices that include but are not limited to, check cashing payday loans harassing clients unnecessarily by calling and bothering and wasting their time as well as NEIGHBORS and FORMER family members of mortgagors, intentionally creating false late charges, imposing false insurance charges and escrow charges based on improper accounting and a lack of a company policy for coordinating their departmental information (accounting and insurance,) intentionally NOT paying ESCROW when the escrow payments have been received, creating UNAPPLIED FUNDS accounts with hundreds of dollars in the account when those funds should be applied to the Escrow and mortgage and intentionally NOT applying mortgage payments to the proper account numbers so the mortgage would be SEEM past due when it truth, it is CURRENT, AND sending out confusing statements INTENDED to cause mistakes by and emotional stress to mortgagors. In addition to above and below mentioned items that I next day loans with bad credit will be including in my lawsuit, I will also be suing to be compensated for ALL illegally imposed late charges including interest as well as for time lost and emotional stress while attempting to explain to your client. Please see attached document that provides the legal statutes regarding late charges. The below is a quick excerpt regarding payments which are governed by Federal and state laws govern mortgage regulations about late mortgage payments.

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) enforce them nationally. Read about consumer protections regarding late mortgage payments. Regulations for HUD-insured homes allow for the servicer of the loan to charge a late payment fee 15 days after the due date, in other words not earlier than the 16th day following the due date. For example, if the due date on your loan is the 1st of the month, you are delinquent by the 2nd and a late charge can be assessed by the 17th if your payment has not been received.

The loan servicer can usually charge up to 4 percent of the monthly payment as a late fee. Late payments are calculated separately for each month and monthly payments cannot be lumped together.

Late payments can also be waived as it is at the discretion of the servicer whether or not to charge a fee in the first place. The borrower should especially have a late fee waived if the payment was late due to no fault situation. I CHOSE to stay while I watched so many walk away emergency loans for single mothers and BOA obviously needed to clean up their books and a bunch of upside down condominiums on their books was a perfect way to do so.

I assume that you will be communicating with your client and me shortly to remedy this situation.

My next email will be documentation of current payments scheduled via BOA and ABFS to show my good faith EVEN IF GTS IF NOT SHOWING GOOD FAITH NOR GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES. Melissa, I am not sure what you are asking here as we are not attorneys. You would need to review this with a real estate foreclosure attorney in your state to see if there is a case and bad credit personal loan lenders direct how you should proceed.

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Fast forward to today and we realize that we may have been victims of mortgage fraud and that the broker may have lied on our loan applications. Our total GROSS income for the year prior online cash advance lenders to when we bought the house was - say X - and this included the bonus that hubby had gotten at work. Worse, our signatures are right next to this figure! However, our federal taxable income is only X- 10,000, not X, because of the tax-deferred contribution.

The strange thing is that the broker has put in X - 10,000 as the annual income in our loan application with the junior lender. So, we have two loan applications payday loans des moines iowa with two different annual incomes stated on them. Second it is hard to prove fraud on a loan document unless it is blatantly without a doubt, there. In court a fraud claim would have to be tested and satisfied under what is called rule 12B to even be a valid claim in the court.